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About us:Early Childhood Class

Western's Early Childhood Program is 100% online.

Upon completion of any Early Childhood program, a student will be able to:

♦ Design and evaluate a healthy, safe, and culturally appropriate early childhood environment consistent with social, cognitive, language, and physical development theories.

♦ Create respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and empower families, and involve all families in their children's development and learning.

♦ Use assessment, systematic observations, documentation, and other effective assessment strategies to positively influence children's development.

♦ Design, implement and evaluate learning experiences that are outcome-based, authentic, developmentally appropriate, and in compliance with established guidelines and standards.

♦ Advocate for children and their families in the classroom and in the program by basing decisions and actions on ethical and other professional standards, applying knowledge of development and its multiple influences, participating in ongoing collaborative learning, and demonstrating collaboration, critical thinking, and reflection.

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