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Aggie Club

Aggie Club

2014-2015 Officer Team

President- Kodi Hair

Vice President- Falyn Bales

Secretary- Lauren Duckett

Student Senate Representative- Reed Abernathy

Sponsors- Katy Butchee/Tanner Hopkins


Aggie Club is a student-run organization that is open to all WOSC students. The purpose of Aggie club is to get students involved on campus and in the community, to host events that benefit the community, and to assist with recruitment for the Agriculture Department.

 The Aggie Club meets monthly for meetings and lunch as well as participating in campus organizational competitions, such as the Pentathlon, as seen in the photos below.




 For more information on how to get involved with Aggie Club, please contact Katy Butchee at or 580-477-7932.

Also check out our Agriculture Sciences Program page for more information on our program!