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April Dill, Counselor

Counseling Office


The counseling office and Western Oklahoma State College is committed to assisting students in all areas of their lives.  Student success and well being is of the utmost importance.

April Dill, M.Ed., LPC is the counselor at Western Oklahoma State College.    You may reach April at (580) 477-7710 or  The Counseling office provides the following services to current students free of charge.


Mental Health & Emotional Support:

The counselor on campus is available to assist students with any type of emotional or mental health issue.  Problems that can be resolved in 12 sessions or less are typically handled by the counselor on campus.  Problems that need more sessions are generally referred to a local counseling center that provides services to WOSC students at a very low cost to the student.  Of course each case is evaluated and determination is made based on the student's best interest.

If the counselor is unavailable and an emergency situation exists, there are other counseling resources availble to students.  Counseling Resources Link

Drug, Alcohol, Abuse:

College is a challenging experience. It is challenging academically as well as socially and emotionally. For many students college years are a time of growth and maturity. However some student become overwhelmed by demands and may turn to drugs or alcohol to help ease stress or help them feel like they fit in. If you or a friend are having issues with drugs or alcohol, counseling is available. Click one of the following links for information on ALCOHOLISM and how to get help for yourself, DRUGS and how to get help for yourself, or how to help a friend.

Additional help:  Counseling Resources Link

Career Counseling:

Career Counseling is provided to assist students in finding a career that is well suited to their abilities, interests, and values.  One tool that is used for this is the Kuder Journey program, which is an internet program that students can access at any time.  User ID's are administered by the counselor upon student request.  Students are encouraged to discuss their findings with the counselor to help further narrow their possibilities.  Students are given information about jobs, educational requirements, and pay scales.  They can also use the Kuder Journey program to research colleges, and build a resume.  

Glass Door is another resource available to our students. This website gives students information about jobs available in their career field. This includes information about pay scales, company information, and interview information.

New Student Orientation:

Orientation is now offered as an online class called "Virtual Western (Campus Resource Guide)".  Virtual Western will show up in every student's course list on Moodle.  This program has been designed to help students navigate Moodle and Campus Connect, enroll in RAVE Mobile, and to help students become more successful academically as well as help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings.  There is a quiz at the end of each unit, except for the last unit which is specific to non-traditional students.  Once students have completed Virtual Western it will continue to show up in the course list to be used as a resource.   If you are not yet enrolled and would like to access "Virtual Western", you can see a condensed version of it at:

Student Success Workshops:

The counseling office provides a series of workshops for students free of charge.  These workshops are designed to help students improve areas of their academic life that may be lacking.  Workshops are typically provided in the WINDS lab and WINDS points are awarded to WINDS students for attendance, however all students are encouraged to attend.  Workshops are provided throughout the year and cover the following topics: Goal Setting, Time Management/Organization, Communication, Test Anxiety, Stress Management, Personality Types and Temperaments, and Work Ethic/Etiquette


Services for Students with Disabilities:

WOSC is committed to providing support services to physically and learning disabled students.  These services are guided by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which prohibits discrimination against otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities, and mandates that reasonable accommodations be made for such persons.

To access these services students must initiate their request each semester by meeting with the counselor to discuss their physical or academic needs.  Students must provide documentation from a qualified professional as to the nature of their disability before receiving services.  Student Support Services ADA Request Form

Each student is encouraged to act as his/her own advocate and has the major responsibility for securing assistance.  Early and regular contact with the counselor will help ensure services and accommodations.  It is strongly recommended that all documentation is in place by the second week of classes to ensure that accommodations are met in a timely fashion.  Counselor, April Dill can be reached at (580) 477-7710 or by email at  Her office is located on the WOSC campus in room C-1E.


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