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Mental Health & Emotional Support

The counselor on campus is available to assist students with any type of emotional or mental health issue.  Problems that can be resolved in 12 sessions or less are typically handled by the counselor on campus.  Problems that need more sessions are generally referred to a local counseling center that provides services to WOSC students at a very low cost to the student.  Each case is evaluated and spdetermination is made based on the student's best interest.

Suicide is a growing concern on college campuses.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college age students.  If you are having thought of ending your life please reach out to a friend, family membe, counselor or hotline.  If you are experiencing an emergency go to the nearst emergency room or call 911.  Help does exist, and people do care.  

If the counselor is unavailable, there are other counseling resources availble to students.  Counseling Resources Link



For More Mental Health Education: