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Technology Accomplishments & Reports

Annual Technology Reports
1997 - 1999
1999 - 2000
2000 - 2001
2001 - 2002
2002 - 2003
2003 - 2004
2004 - 2005
2005 - 2006

Project Reports & Presentation

History & Stats
History of Distance Learning at Western Oklahoma State College Compiled Spring 2007
Online Course Stats Fall 1999- 2005
Moodle Conversion Feb 2007 (or here)
Click here for current data

Technology Overview 1997 to 2003
Conversion of Office Systems  to WebCT2002
2006 (March) Moodle Conversion 101: Tales from the Trenches
2007 (September) Expanding Health Care Best Practices Workshop

Institutional News Clippings/ Reports
--2001 (January ) Tandberg Newsletter (Educational Innovation)
--2001 (November) Wainhouse Research Bulletin (Telecon 2001 IP Pavillion;Western listed as participant)
--2007 (December) Advance for Health Information Executives(Nursing Program)
--2007 (December) Tandberg Customer Profile (Nursing Program)

Instructional Support Reports
Avatar Samples & Presentation Materials January 2007

Instructional Support Update Fall 2006    

USDA 1998
USDA 1999
USDA 2000
USDA 2002
USDA 2003
USDA 2005
Department of Commerce PTFP 2003
SBC Excellerator Grant    

Workshops, Bootcamps & Conferences
2006 Quartz Mountain Moodle Moot & Tech Fest
-Click Here for Evaluation Summary (Powerpoint)
SMART Board Certification    

Special Projects
Los Alamos National Laboratory Partnership
HB 1815
Regional School Support (RTTSC)    

History & Progression of WOSC Web Site
Current Site
2003 Presentation from IT on Web Page Options    
Technology Policy
Acceptable Use
Email Retention    
Grant Toolkit
Oklahoma School Report Card (K12 Data)
Oklahoma State Regents Grants Page    
Learning Support Systems Report and Task Due Dates
NCA Change Request  Spring 2007
NCA Change Request November 2, 2006 Draft (Word Document)
NCA Change Request Section V January 26 2006 (Word Document)
Training Survey 9/1/05 (Word Document)
WOSC Best Practices Review 7_17_2007 (Word Document)
WOSC Best Practices Review 2_29_2008 -
(includes Student Support Services Section) (Word Document)

Online Learning Best Practices Resources
101 Suggestions for Successful Online Learning (League 2005)
Best Practices Listing from the IDEA Center @ K-State
Western Cooperative for Ed Teleccom Best Practices    
Training & Tutorials    MS Office    
Video Conferencing Etiquette    

Free Government Education Resources
Intellectual Ownership policies from Northeastern OK @ Talequah
National Repository of Online Courses
CMS vs. LMS article    
Blackboard Patent Lawsuit
Blackboard Lawsuit
Blackboard Patent Pledge Website
Sakai Foundation Statement on Blackboard Pledge

Open Source & Free Tools for Education
What do I need to know about Choosing Open Source Tools?Software for Starving Students
Debug Mode
3d tools
Second Life
Little Big Planet

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