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Nursing FAQ

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply to Western Oklahoma State College?

Yes, you should apply to Western Oklahoma State College prior to applying to the Nursing program. It's free, and you can apply online here.


Where do I get an application for the nursing program?

You can download the application from the Nursing webpage on the Western Oklahoma State College website at 2016 Applications will be available SOON!


What should I include with my application?

Both high-school transcripts and official college transcripts from every college you have attended excluding WOSC should be included with your Application Packet. Unofficial WOSC transcripts will be accepted. Your application will need to be complete when submitted.


Will turning in my application early give me a better chance of getting in?

No. Applications are not evaluated until after the deadline. Applications must be COMPLETE and post marked on or before the deadline to be considered.


Should I add letters of recommendation?

General students are NOT required to submit a letter of recommendation. LPN students ARE required to submit a reference letter from their immediate nursing supervisors. LPN students who are curenlty enrolled in a practical nursing program ARE required to submit a reference letter from the program director. This reference letter should be included with the Application Packet.


How do you select the applicants who will enter the program?

The selection process is done utilizing a point system. Please refer to the Admission Selection Score Sheet for additional information.


How many points do I need to be competitive?

It is recommended that applicants have at least 590 points to be competitive for acceptance into the nursing program.


How many questions are there on the HESI A2 Admission Test?

There are 5 areas in which students must test. They are:

Anatomy & Physiology- 25 questions

Biology- 25 questions

Math- 50 qestions

Reading Comprehension- 47 questions

Vocabulary- 50 questions

Students are also required to complete the Learning Styles Questionnaire (14 questions) and the Personality Profile (15 questions).


Can I use my HESI A2 Admission scores from last year when I applied?

No. All prospective students will need to take the HESI A2 exam each year that they apply to the nursing program.


What is the recommended score for the HESI A2?

We highly recommend that you achieve at least an 80% within each area. The math, reading, and vocabulary are actually constructed for a 10th-12th grade high-school level student. The science section is designed at the college level. Applicants must score at least an 84 in the Reading section and a 74 in the Math section in order for their application to be considered.


What GPA is needed to be considered for the program?

An overall GPA of at least 2.0 is required to be considered for the program. An overall GPA is computed from ALL college courses you have taken, to include non-requisite courses to the nursing program. Some colleges have academic forgiveness which will give you a retention GPA. The retention GPA will not be used to determined the number of points you will receive during the selection preocess.


I'm taking Chemistry in the summer, but have everything else done. Can I still apply?

Yes. If you have enough points to be selected, your acceptance will be contingent on successful completion of the Chemistry course. Please note that there are course completion points plus 15, 10, or 5 points for the grades you achieve in each course. You will not recieve these points, during application selection. Points are only recieved for those courses completed by the end of the fall semester prior to the start of the application selection semester.


When will I know if I am selected?

Acceptance letters will be mailed out during the last week of May or the first week of June.


Can I apply if I have a positive criminal background check?

Yes. You may still apply to the Nursing Program. Western Oklahoma State College does not discriminate against any person convicted of a crime. However, there are Oklahoma Board of Nursing guidelines regarding NCLEX testing and licensure. Please click on this link for more information regarding the OBN's policy

Occasionally, there are some crimes that will prevent a student from being able to complete the required clinical component of the nursing program. All positive background checks are reported to the clinical agencies who will either affirm or reject student placement at the clinical facility. If the Clinical Coordinator cannot find a clinical agency to accept a student due to a positive background check, the student will be advised to withdraw from the nursing program due to their inablility to complete the program requirements. 


I'm an LPN. Will I need to attend all four semesters?

No. LPN's are able to recieve credit for up to two semesters of the WOSC Nursing program. LPN students will need to contact the program director prior to applying to have LPN credits assessed for program entry purposes. Additional mobility testing will be required.


What are the days and times for class?

Generally, classes are held on Monday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. There will also be a clinical day which will fall either on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday depending on the availability of clinical adjunct faculty as well as clinical facility space. Freshmen in their first semester will have a Clinical Skills Lab held on Monday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Tuesday from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (with one hour for lunch).

Please, note that there may be times when you will need to stay later than the scheduled class times because of course orientations, clinical facility orientations, HESI examinations, and simulation experiences. The instructors will make you aware of these dates in advance so you are able to arrange for child care or other obligations.


Is there a mandatory orientation for the nursing program?

Yes. In June, all students who are accepted will meet on the Altus campus to sign their acceptance agreements. In addition, in August there will be a one day BOOT CAMP that will serve as a team building day for the nursing students and their faculty.


Is there financial aid available?

Yes. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information. They will be able to start you on the process to finding grants, loans, and scholarships that are available.


What is the estimated overall cost of the WOSC nursing program?

The cost of the nursing program varies slightly based on the student campus location and student type. General students please refer to the Cost Information Sheet for General Students. LPN students please refer to the Cost Information Sheet for LPN Students.


For additional information, please refer to the General Information Packet.

Don't see your question listed? Email them to Melissa Hurst or Kristy Greer.