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Sessions - Financial Aid FAQ

Additional F.A.Q.'s:


  • Q: I previously completed my FAFSA but I did not list Western as a school I planned to attend…?
    A:Be sure to add Western’s school code to your FAFSA. Go to and choose to make corrections to your FAFSA. Western’s school code is 003146. In approximately 2-3 days, we will have access to your FAFSA and will contact you with any documents needed to complete your file.
  • Q: What does it take to complete my file?
    A: We request a Student Data Form for all students In many instances an Institutional Verification Worksheet and an entire signed copy of federal tax return transcript for you and/or parents (if dependent) is also needed. Your counselor will contact you to let you know what will be required. We require that you submit all transcripts from any college or university you have attended. Remember… it takes time for our counselors to complete a file. Having all documents signed and completed will speed this process.
  • Q: Why do you need my transcripts?
    A: You must be seeking a degree and declare a major from Western in order to receive financial aid with us. Transcripts are used to determine what courses have been completed and will apply to the degree you are seeking. Transcripts are also used to monitor how many attempted hours you have and determine SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) is being made. If you will attempt more than 96 credit hours by the time you graduate from Western you are not eligible for Federal aid unless you are approved on a financial aid appeal.
  • Q: An Appeal?
    A: Western has an appeal process for students who will attempt over 96 semester hours when they graduate. The appeal form is available through the Western web site You must have all official transcripts on file with our Admissions office and also request a degree check from Admissions to submit with your financial aid appeal.
  • Q: What if my FAFSA and other paperwork are not complete? Can I still enroll?
    A: You must submit all requested documents in order for us to complete your file and award aid. Once your file is complete we will award your financial aid even if you have already paid.