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Each 3 hour credit course costs $337.80. This does not include books.
New students must fill out the application form.
A $15 non-refundable application processing fee is charged.

Enrollment Information & Calendar

Academic Calendar PDF

You may enroll in up to 9 credit hours at Western before you submit your official high school transcript, official college transcripts and official testing (ACT, SAT, COMPASS) as long as you do not plan to enroll in any English, math or science courses.

You will need to have appropriate testing scores on file in the Admissions Office at Western if you wish to enroll in any English, math or science courses or exceed the 9 hours.

If you should ever exceed 9 credit hours or need to enroll in an English, math or science, you will be required to have all official documents (including testing) on file in the Admissions Office at Western before you can enroll or receive a transcript.

When you submit ACT or SAT scores, you will need to meet or exceed the required scores to clear your high school curricular deficiencies. (See college catalog for details.) If you do not meet or exceed those required scores, you would be required to take appropriate COMPASS testing and enroll in the required developmental course/s at that time.

Developmental coursework must be completed within the first 24 attempted hours of college work.


All online courses will have a method for identity verification. In most cases, proctoring is used for this verification. Western’s testing center is available to all students to take their proctored exam. All students outside of Oklahoma must utilize ProctorU to take their proctored exam. In-state students will have the option of utilizing ProctorU or one of the following acceptable proctors: college or university testing centers, officials at military base education offices, Sylvan Learning Centers, high school administrators (concurrent students only), or other sites approved by the course faculty member. To learn more about ProctorU, please visit .

State Authorization

State Authorization for Distance Education
Western is UNABLE to offer online courses to students residing in
Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Maryland, and Minnesota. [More details]

Summer classes begin MAY 26, 2015

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