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Step: Accessing your Classes

Step: Accessing your Classes

You have enrolled in your classes and paid for your classes. Now let's start taking the classes.

First, we must get your online user name and password for the WOSC Student Portal.

  1. Inside Campus Connect, click on Student Information
  2. Click on Demographic Data

Your online user name and password is listed on the last two lines. If those lines are blank, please wait an hour as it takes a while to process new applicants.

Now you are ready to enter the WOSC Student Portal and your classes.

  1. Browse to
  2. Click on Moodle (Course Manager / Email).
  3. Log into the portal with the username and password from demographic data.

Now your classes should be listed in the upper left hand corner.

If you do not see your courses listed in the My Courses box, check back in a hour.  After an hour and your courses are still not listed, please call the helpdesk at 580-477-7907.

DO NOT FORGET SOME COURSES REQUIRE BOOKS. Check the Book List for your required text for your classes. You can purchase your books at the bookstore or through or


Now you are ready.