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What is Upward Bound?

Western's Upward Bound program is a college-based program designed to prepare students in grades 9-12 for success in their education beyond high school. Upward Bound will accomplish this goal by assisting the high school in their efforts to develop the academic and motivational potential of students who are interested in pursuing a college degree.

The program is free to all participants who meet economic and other requirements. The Upward Bound program consists of the academic year component and the summer session. During the academic year, the students participate in a variety of education and social activities. Upward Bound's six-week summer curriculum with individual programs of study geared toward their particular academic needs and career goals. Students have the opportunity to live in the residence hall at Western Oklahoma State College.

The purpose of the Upward Bound program is to generate the skills and motivation necessary for participants to complete their secondary education and complete a post-secondary education.

The program currently serves 74 students in Altus, Hollis, Olustee, Snyder, and Tipton.

Free services and activities for students and parents include tutoring, monthly enrichment classes, ACT workshops, financial aid and scholarship information and applications, College-Prep classes and information, a six-week summer enrichment program, and college campus visits.

Parents are also active in Upward Bound. They serve as chaperones during sponsored activities, help with community service projects, assist with fundraising activities for field trips and scholarships, participate in special college-related parent workshops, and serve on the Parents' Advisory Board.

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