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U.S. Army ADA Warrant Officer Students

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You are eligible to earn your Associate of Applied Science Degree in Applied Technology with an option in Military Studies through Western Oklahoma State College. Western can award up to 30 credit hours to students who have completed either the 140A or 140E Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC). WOBC graduates must submit a copy of their Department of Defense (DoD) Form 1059, Service School Academic Evaluation Report, to WOSC reflecting successful completion of the WOBC.

Degree Plan and Eligibility...

Classroom The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Applied Technology with an option in Military Studies requires satisfactory completion of 21 credit hours of General Education Requirements, 30 credit hours of Technical-Occupation Core Courses (which students would receive credit through PLA), and 12 credit hours of Technical-Occupational Specialty Support and Related Courses, which are guided electives from approved courses in mathematics, physical science, biology, or technology as approved by the advisor. The Associate of Applied Science in Applied Technology with an option in Military Studies requires a total of 63 credit hours. Qualified WOBC graduates enrolled in this degree are awarded a maximum of 30 semester hours of PLA towards the Technical-Occupation Core Courses on the degree plan.

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Western Oklahoma State College is committed to the academic success of the men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces. As an institution, Western understands there may be times when duty calls and students are required to engage in extensive training or full deployment. As an institution, Western is concerned with the academic success of its enlisted students. If possible, instructors will work diligently with students and devise a plan that will allow for course completion. If this is not an option, students may provide a copy of his or her orders for deployment to the Academic Dean's office in order to be withdrawn from the course(s) without penalty.

Enrollment Information

Classroom You may enroll in up to 9 credit hours at Western before you submit your official high school transcript, official college transcripts and official testing (ACT, SAT, COMPASS) as long as you do not plan to enroll in any English, math or science courses.

You will need to have appropriate testing scores on file in the Admissions Office at Western if you wish to enroll in any English, math or science courses or exceed the 9 hours.

Classroom If you should ever exceed 9 credit hours or need to enroll in an English, math or science, you will be required to have all official documents (including testing) on file in the Admissions Office at Western before you can enroll or receive a transcript.

When you submit ACT or SAT scores, you will need to meet or exceed the required scores to clear your high school curricular deficiencies. (See college catalog for details.) If you do not meet or exceed those required scores, you would be required to take appropriate COMPASS testing and enroll in the required developmental course/s at that time.

Developmental coursework must be completed within the first 24 attempted hours of college work.

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Cost to Student

  • Admissions Fee: A one-time, non-refundable fee of $15 will be assessed to each student upon filing of an online application.
  • Evaluation of Extra-Institutional Learning: A fee of $5 per credit hour will be charged for WOSC to grant credit for prior learning obtained through the WOBC program.
  • Contract Credit Tuition Pricing: Contract tuition pricing will be set at $139.35 per credit hour for all students enrolled at WOSC through this agreement with USAFCOEFS.
  • Estimated Total Cost to Student:

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Course Category

Hours Required

Cost per Hour

Total Cost

General Education




Technical Occupational Core




Technical-Occupational Support and Related




Application Fee

1 time fee





* Textbooks are NOT included in the price.



All online courses will have a method for identity verification. In most cases, proctoring is used for this verification. Western’s testing center is available to all students to take their proctored exam. All students outside of Oklahoma must utilize ProctorU to take their proctored exam. In-state students will have the option of utilizing ProctorU or one of the following acceptable proctors: college or university testing centers, officials at military base education offices, Sylvan Learning Centers, high school administrators (concurrent students only), or other sites approved by the course faculty member.
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