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Chad Wiginton

Photo of chad.wiginton
Job Title: Vice President for Student Support Services
Office: SSC-201A
Phone: (580) 477-7918
Education Level: B.B.A., M.Ed.

Western Oklahoma State College encourages students to participate in the various student activities and organizations to improve their social development during college years. It is the objective of the institution to provide an activity suited to the needs of every student on the campus.

All student organizations and activities are under direct supervision of the dean of academic and student support services. In order to be a "sanctioned" organization on the Western Oklahoma State College campus, a club/organization must have by-laws which address the purpose of the organization, membership requirements, dues, officer and membership lists on file in the office of academic and student support services and it must have a faculty advisor.

To receive any financial support through the office of academic and student support services, an organization must be "sanctioned" by the student senate each year. Procedures for becoming a sanctioned organization are available in the office of academic and student support services.

Student Association
All students enrolled in six semester hours or more at Western Oklahoma State College shall be members of the student association. The association either directly or through its subsidiary organizations of student senate during the academic year and the student activity council during the summer term, shall control and manage all campus affairs as authorized in the constitution of the student association and the legislative body of the student senate. Members of the student associations are eligible to participate in college activities and student organizations provided they possess a valid student identification card.

Student Activities