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Admissions FAQ's

What is Campus Connect?

Campus Connect contains the information that will help you log into your online student and student account.  You can also look at your unofficial transcripts, schedule, financial aid, business office bill, ACT scores, and your advisor's information.  You may also add and drop courses, if you have been approved for online registration.


What is my PIN for Campus Connect?

Your PIN for Campus Connect is either the five digit number you received in your email when you applied, or it is your date of birth (MMDDYYYY).


How do I access my Online Students Account?

Click "Online Students" on the left hand side of the Western home page.  There are directions on how to get your username and password.


Why do I have a hold on my transcript?

Access Campus Connect to find out which office has placed your transcript on hold.  You will need to contact that office for specific information.


When do classes start?

Locate the Academic Calendar in your course schedule.  This will tell you when you may enroll and when classes begin for 16 week, 8 week.  


How do I get approved for online registration?

You must talk to your advisor to get approval.


How do I contact my advisor/instructor?

Click on the "Faculty & Staff" tab near the top of the WOSC home page.  You will see the email addresses and office phone numbers of the staff and faculty.  To contact adjunct instructors, contact the Academic Deans' Office at (580) 477-7940.


Is tutoring available?

Tutoring is provided by WINDS and as well as Testing and Assessment.  These services are free of charge to WOSC students.


How do I withdraw from a class?

This is done through Admissions.  You will be given a form that must be signed by your instructor and financial aid.  When you withdraw from a class a "W" rather than a grade will be posted on your transcript.  A "W" does not affect your GPA.


How do I get an official transcript?

You can do this online.  Request an official transcript online. For students that have not attended Western in over 10 years, contact the admissions office directly at (580) 477-7717 for instructions.


Why does the college need all of my transcripts?

The State Department of Education requires that the college have high school transcripts on all students.  To ensure that you do not repeat any classes, college transcripts are also required.  All transcripts must be official, not copies.


What constitutes an official transcript?

 When ordering transcripts to come to Western they must be received by one of the following methods to be considered official.

  1. Sealed in an official school envelope from the school you attended. (Unofficial if opened).
  2. Electronically sent as a PDF to Western's official account from the school you attended through one of the approved entities listed below.  (Unofficial if sent to an individual email account).
  • E-Scrip Credentials
  • National Student Clearing House
  • Parchment
  • XAP


How do I get a copy of my schedule?

A copy may be obtained at the Admissions Office, or on Campus Connect.


Where is lost and found?

Lost and found is located in the Office of Student Affairs across the hall from Admissions.


Why do I need a student ID card?

A student ID will allow you to check out books from the library, use the wellness center free of charge, sell back books, and attend other functions on campus free of charge. You will also get discounted prices on admission to athletic events using your student ID.