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Business Office FAQ's

How much is tuition?

Updated tuition price is located HERE and they are per semester hour for a traditional course.  Online and ITV courses require additional fees.


Is there a payment plan available?

Yes.  The FACTS program is an automatic payment plan with information available at the business office including steps to enroll.


Do I have to pay for parking and student I.D. each semester?



How much are the dorms?

Again, check the tuition & fees page for current pricing... $1875.00 per fall and spring semesters; $400.00 per summer.  Dorm applications are available from Bob Pearson, Athletic Director.  A $50.00 refundable dorm deposit is required with each application.


When is my tuition due?

Early enrollment is due 2 months before classes begin.  Regular and late enrollment is due the day of enrollment.


What are the business office hours?

7:30 am-5:00pm, Monday thru Friday.


If I withdraw from classes, do I still have to pay for them?

A refund is made only for classes withdrawn during the refund period which is 10 days after classes begin.  No refund is made after that time requiring the student to pay for the classes in full and a "W" will show on their transcript.


Can information about m account be released to a spouse or parent?

Only if proof of dependent verification is made to our office.


What is a full time student?

A student enrolled in 12 semester hours.