Career Counseling

Career Counseling is provided to assist students in finding a career that is well suited to their abilities, interests, and values.  One tool that is used for this is the Focus 2 program, which is an internet program that students can access at any time.  The access code for WOSC students is pioneers. Students are encouraged to discuss their findings with the counselor to help further narrow their possibilities.  Students are given information about jobs, educational requirements, and pay scales.  They can also use the Focus 2 program to research colleges, and build a resume.  

Monster is a global provider of a full array of job seeking skills and career management tips. One of our favorites is their resume writing tips section.  Writing a job winning resume

Glass Door is another resource available to our students. This website gives students information about jobs available in their career field. This includes information about pay scales, company information, and interview information.

Zip Recruiter is another resource we believe can be helpful when you are ready to enter the workforce. They partner with employers to list real time job openings and have a dedicated page for college students with tips on job searching, interviewing, and more.


The Center for School, College, and Career Resources (CSCCR) is working on a new campaign to help people succeed in their careers. Their goal is to compile and share resources that offer accurate information on choosing a career path and the steps needed to get there.

Following are a few in-depth resources that  cover topics such as academic requirements for various occupations, tips for landing an internship or job, and how to advance your career moving forward.

Check back often as we will add helpful resources as they are identified.
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