Stalking is the repeated following or harassing of a person that makes that person feel scared, intimidated, or threatened.  To be considered stalking this must happen on two or more seperate ocassions with the behavior continuing without your consent or in disregard of your desire for the behavior to stop.  

Often identifying stalking is difficult because the person who is engaging in the behavior may seem kind, friendly, or romantic sending cards, flowers, or other gifts.  However, when these gestures continue after the individual has been asked to stop the behavior is defined as stalking.  

Stalking behaviors can include but are not limited to: 

  • Following or appearing within your sight
  • Approaching or confronting you in a public or private place
  • Appearing at your work or home
  • Entering into your home uninvited
  • Persistant calling or texting
  • Sending you mail, email, or other electronic communication
  • Delivering objects to your home or work
  • Manipulative behavior, such as threatening suicide to get a response
  • Threatening to harm family, friends, reputation, or property of the victim

Facts about stalking:

  • It is more likely to happen to individuals 18-24 years old
  • It is more likely to be done by someone you know
  • 25% of vicitims are stalked electronicly by means such as texts or emails

If you are being stalked you should:

  • Consider the situation to be serious
  • End all communication with the person who is stalking you
  • Do not answer the phone or door unless you know who it is
  • Let your family, friends, employer, and college security know that you are being stalked
  • Keep all emails, text messages, and gifts from the stalker
  • Keep a record of all encounters with the stalker including dates, times, and locations
  • Talk to someone who can help you make decisions about how to handle the situation

If you are being stalked you should not:

  • Walk in secluded areas alone
  • Agree to meet with the stalker
  • Post any information on social media
  • Try to reason with the stalker
  • Respond to any calls, texts, or emails from the stalker

For more information: 

Stalking Resource Center



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