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How do I prepare?

Pre-requisites for Program Application Students looking at X-ray

Students interested in the radiology program usually attend one year of college before applying to the radiologic technology (RT) program.

Most students need General Biology as the pre-requisite to Human Anatomy. If the student has a score of 21 or above on the science component of their ACT test, then the student does not have to enroll in General Biology. They can enroll in Human Anatomy.

In the fall semester of their freshman year, the student will enroll in General Biology and nine hours of General Education courses. Then in the spring semester, the student will enroll in Human Anatomy and nine more hours of General Education courses.

The completion of Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology with a C or above is required by application deadline (the last Friday in May). Completion of these two courses within the last 5 years is preferred.  Medical Terminology must be a two or  three-hour college credit course. It must be completed at a college or university, not from a technical center.

For more program information, please read through the Application Packet      

The WOSC College Catalog is located in the Academics link on the college main webpage,  The catalog contains the degree checksheet and radiologic technology course descriptions. 

If you have ever been arrested or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, please read through the application packet for more information regarding this matter.