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Network Account

  • When students register for classes a network account is created.
  • When staff or faculty is hired an account is created after a Network Account Request Form is submitted to the IT Department.
  • This account is used to log into the network and is also used to access your Western Oklahoma State College email online.
  • This account is also used to access many IT services provided to you.
  • The Computer/Network account consists of a username and password.
  • Student's username is usually the user's first name, period, and then last name.
  • Faculty and staff usernames are usually the same as student usernames.
  • The password can be changed by request made to the Helpdesk.
  • As part of the initial logon process, a password change will be required.
  • There are many locations at Western with wireless access via the WOSC-Public wireless and WOSC-Private wireless networks. To access the public network, simply connect to the network as you normally would, and open a browser window.  To access the WOSC-Private network (employee network only) you must have IT supply the password.


Residence Network (Dorms)