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Nursing Admission - General Student Application

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General Students


Dear Student:

Thank you for your interest in the Associate Degree Nursing Program at Western Oklahoma State College. It is highly recommended that you review our nursing website at for more information and frequently asked questions about our nursing program (e.g. costs, pre-requisites, admission scoring, etc.) You may also call the nursing department directly  Monday thru Friday from 9am - 3pm at (580) 477-7830 for further information not found on our website.

The Nursing Department at Western is looking forward to selecting another successful nursing class. We are excited about the entrance of this class. We currently have campuses at Altus, Elk City and Lawton. Daytime and Evening classes offered at Lawton campus, and an online track with a face-to-face clinical component available to LPNs who are seeking their RN. Classes are taught via Zoom with instructors in the classrooms at each campus, and clinical experiences are conducted in area health care facilities.

Applicants will need to indicate on the application which campus they prefer to attend. Students willing to travel to campus sites other than the one located in their area will need to indicate their choice by priority (e.g. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd).

Applications for the Nursing Program MUST be submitted online beginning 1st February  once the application opens for completion, and closes on the 1st March annually.  Any application and/or required materials (transcript(s) not received, submitted or post-marked by  March 1st will be excluded from the admission selection process.

Student selection is based on a point-system and seating availability. This system includes points given for pre-nursing test scores, cumulative GPA, completion of required general education courses and the grades received in those courses. Please note that an increased point value is given for completion of science courses as well as the grades received in those courses. Pre-requisite courses may be taken during the Summer prior to the first nursing course start as long as these courses are completed and grades are submitted to the Nursing Department before the Fall classes begin in the application period.  Classes taken during the Spring semester will NOT count towards points in the application process.

I look forward to working with you as you begin your journey in nursing education. Please let us know if we can provide you with any assistance as you proceed with your plans to enter the nursing program.

Stacey Machado
Stacey Machado, DNP, RN
Director of Nursing Education


Please review the admission information packet prior to completing this application!

General Student Application Packet Download





Western Oklahoma State College
Department of Nursing Education
2801 N. Main Street
Altus, OK 73521
Phone: (580) 477-7830
Fax: (580) 477-7862



You MUST have the following pre-requisites completed, with appropriate transcript grades, to enter the program:

  • Human Anatomy – 4 credit hours with a lab (must have a grade of “C” or better)
  • Functions & Modeling / College Algebra
  • Chemistry – 4 or 5 credit hours with a lab (must have a grade of “C” or better)

(Non-Science Chemistry not accepted)



Procedures for Transfer Student entry into the program varies related to transferability of the nursing course credits, program, accreditation and correspondence with WOSC’s nursing program area of study per semester. Please contact the program director at (580) 477-7830 prior to applying.




Please complete the LPN to RN application. This application is for General Nursing Student Applicants only!



Applicants classified as international students using an F-1 Student Visa may attend the Nursing Program at one of WOSC’s campuses. However, all initial processing and paperwork must be completed with the Office of the Registrar at the Altus Campus. Oklahoma law only allows a license to be issued to U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals and legal permanent resident aliens. Other qualified aliens may be issued a temporary license that is valid until the expiration of their visa status, or if there is no expiration date, for one year. For more information regarding this matter, applicants may contact the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.



Students for whom English is a second language shall be required to present evidence of proficiency in the English language prior to admission.

Per the WOSC College Catalog:

“Students seeking enrollment in a state system college or university must meet the admission standards in the admission policy, the retention policy, and the policy on admission of transfer students, and must present evidence of proficiency in the English language prior to admission, either as first-time students to the state system or by transfer from another non-system college or university.


This policy is adopted to ensure that students will have a reasonable chance to succeed at a higher education institution based on their ability to comprehend, read, and write the English language.”



An official copy of high school/GED transcript and college transcripts for EACH college attended must be submitted along with the nursing application (unofficial transcript from WOSC will be accepted). Combined college transcripts WILL NOT be accepted. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale is required. Applicants with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 are considered ineligible and will be excluded from the admissions selection process. Applications submitted without ALL transcripts will be considered incomplete and will be excluded from the admissions selection process.

LPN students must also submit a copy of their LPN program transcript or Certificate of Completion, a copy of their current/active LPN license, and a reference letter from their current immediate supervisor or their practical nursing program director.



All students are required to take the HESI Exit Exam during both their NURS 2219 and NURS 2229 semesters. All students will take the test a total of three scheduled times, as indicated in the syllabus, and the initial cost is included in the course fees. WOSC encourages a score of 900 on the HESI Exit Exam. If a score of less than 900 is obtained, students are required to complete 15 assigned case studies achieving a score of 76% or better. They will receive an “I” (Incomplete) until proof of a score of 76% or better is achieved on all assigned case study remediation.



Applicants accepted into the nursing program will undergo annual drug screening prior to entry into classes. Positive drug screens will be reported to licensing governing bodies if applicable and clinical agencies. Students with positive drug screens or a non-human specimen, not cleared by a Medical Review Officer, will not be able to complete the clinical component of the nursing program and will be required to withdraw from the nursing program.



Western Oklahoma State College in compliance with Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Section 402 of the Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, and other federal laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, handicap, or status as veteran in any of its policies, practices or procedures. This includes, but is not limited to admissions employment, financial aid, and educational services.



According to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), each student with a disability is responsible for notifying the College of his/her disability and requesting accommodations. If you think you have a qualified disability and need classroom accommodations, contact the Counseling Office (C-1E). To receive services, you must submit appropriate documentation and complete an intake process during which the existence of a qualified disability is verified and reasonable accommodations are identified. Please call (580) 477-7710, or email for more information.

Please advise the instructor of your disability as soon as possible to ensure timely implementation of appropriate accommodations. The faculties have an obligation to respond when they receive official notice of a disability from the Counseling Office but are under no obligation to provide retroactive accommodations.



All students (General, LPN and Transfer Students) will be required to complete a criminal background check annually. The completion of the criminal background checks will be performed on those students who are accepted into the program. The background checks will be handled by a private company in which the WOSC Nursing Department has a contract. Students WILL NOT be required to complete separate FBI or OSBI background checks. The contracted company which is utilized will be solely responsible for all criminal background checks required by the clinical facilities.

Applicants admitted to the nursing program should be aware that a felony conviction, arrest, pending charges, judicially declared incompetence, or disciplinary action might affect eligibility for registered nurse licensure. Various clinical agencies also have restrictions regarding individuals with a criminal record. Criminal background information is reviewed and decisions are made based on the clinical agency’s policies and guidelines. The failure of a clinical facility to accept a student based on their criminal background will result in the student’s inability to complete the clinical portion of the program. Because the student will be unable to participate in clinical rotations, the student will be withdrawn from the nursing program.


The Western Oklahoma State College Department of Nursing Education is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. Gradates of this state-approved program are eligible to apply to write for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for registered nurses. Applicants for Oklahoma licensure must meet all state and federal requirements to hold an Oklahoma license to practice nursing. In addition to completing a state-approved nursing education program that meets educational requirements and successfully passing the licensure examination, requirements include submission of an application for licensure, a criminal history records search, and evidence of citizenship or qualified alien status. Applicants for licensure must also hold a high school diploma or a graduate equivalency degree (G.E.D.). [59 O.S. §567.5 & 567.6]. To be granted a license, an applicant must have the legal right to be in the United States (United States Code Chapter 8, Section 1621). In addition, Oklahoma law only allows a license to be issued to U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and legal permanent resident aliens. Other qualified aliens may be issued a temporary license that is valid until the expiration of their visa status, or if there is no expiration date, for one year. Applicants who are qualified aliens must present to the Board office, in person, valid documentary evidence of:

  1. A valid, unexpired immigrant or nonimmigrant visa status for admission into the United States;
  1. A pending or approved application for asylum in the United States;
  1. Admission into the United states in refugee status;
  1. A pending or approved application for temporary protected status in the United States;
  1. Approved deferred action status; or
  1. A pending application for adjustment of status to legal permanent resident status or conditional resident status.

The Board has the right to deny a license to an individual with a history of criminal back-ground, disciplinary action on any professional or occupational license or certification, or judicial declaration of mental incompetence [59 O.S. §567.8]. These cases are considered on an individual basis at the time application for licensure is made, with the exception of felony convictions. An individual with a felony conviction cannot apply for licensure for at least five years after completion of all sentencing terms, including probation and suspended sentences, unless a presidential or gubernatorial pardon is received [59 O.S. §567.5 & 567.6].



 WOSC Nursing Department has decided to utilize the following pre-entrance exam: Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam (HESI A2 with Critical Thinking.) The Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam covers six (6) academic areas: Reading, Mathematics, Vocabulary, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology.

All applicants will be required to take a pre-entrance nursing exam. This exam will be given on several dates and various times during the month of February at all campuses. Exam dates, times and campuses where the exams will be given are listed below:




Contact Us

WOSC pre-nursing students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with their nursing faculty advisor at least once a semester. Appointments can be made by calling any of our campuses or emailing one of the advisors closest to your hometown:

Altus Site
Technical Education Building

Lawton Site
Burch Hall

Elk City Site
Pat Wall Professional Building

All Campus Nursing Fax# - 1-580-477-7862