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Professional Pilot


Aviation Pilot

Cockpit of Aircraft

The professional pilot program is designed for the student who plans to enter the workforce immediately as a professional pilot. All instruction occurs under Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulation (FARs). Students successfully completing the required curriculum will receive an Associate in Applied Science degree which prepares them for job opportunities in the aviation industry. This program prepares students for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications in Private and Commercial Pilot with Instrument Rating. The student will also gain knowledge of basic management and business skills needed in the aviation industry.





Disclosure of Written Arrangement

This program is made possible through a partnership with Red River Flight Academy (RRFA). Western has a written agreement with RRFA to provide flight training. All flying courses are taught at RRFA and the airplane (Cesna 172) is also owned by RRFA. The cost for aviation courses includes tuition and fees. More information can be found at RRFA website. The following is a breakdown of costs for a Private Pilot rating training.

Of the 62 credit hours required for this degree, 12 credit hours are taught at RRFA which equates to 19% of this degree program. Please see the current degree plan.

Approval Agency

The college is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as approved pilot school with the following ratings: (1) private pilot course; (2)private pilot ground course (3) commercial pilot course; and (4) instrumental rating course.

FAA Site

Licensure/Certification Information

After completion of specific coursework, students are eligible to test through the FAA to receive different pilot ratings. Please review Airmen Certification information on the FAA website. Requirements for a Student Pilot's Certificate is also outlined on this site. To receive a Private Pilot rating a student must take the following courses: Private Pilot Ground School, Private Pilot Lab, and Private Pilot Simulation Lab. After successful completion of these courses, the student must test through the FAA. The Airmaen Certificate and Rating Application is also found on the FAA website.