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Please check the COVID-19 webpage and social media for updates.

American with Disabilities Act

American with Disabilities Act


WOSC is committed to continuing to provide support services to all our students during this COVID-19 situation. The transition of all face-to-face classes to online courses may present a barrier to learning for some of our students with disabilities.

If this transition affects your ability to participate and learn based on a physical or learning disability, you may be eligible for reasonable accommodations as provided for in the Americans with Disabilities Act. To apply for these services, please contact our Office for Students with Disabilities by emailing or calling 580-477-7710.

Some of our students already have ADA Accommodations in place. If your current ADA accommodations are no longer effective due to this change to online, please let me know by contacting me at the Office for Students with Disabilities email address.

Students must provide documentation from a qualified  professional as to the nature of their disability before receiving services. Please visit our Counseling web page to learn more about these accommodations.

Please feel free to contact me during regular business hours to discuss this or any other counseling services that are available to our students.