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Virtual Western (Campus Resource Guide)

Welcome Prospective Students!

A large percentage of WOSC's courses have an online component. This introduction course will introduce you to moodle's tools and resources. It will also help you with general information about the college, and helpful hints for student success.


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Intro Seal

1 - Navigating Your Online Courses and Using Moodle

Unit 1 will orient you to the WOSC Online Courses. After you complete the tutorials in this unit, you will be ready to complete study activities, respond to discussions, submit assignments, and send Pioneer mail. Completion of this unit will prepare you for the activities in your regular courses.

Roles & Expectations

2 - Roles and Expectations - Students, Faculty and Staff

As a new WOSC learner, you need to know what your responsibilities are so you can prepare yourself to be as successful as possible. It is also important to know the roles and responsibilities of the various staff members who are available to assist you with your questions, concerns, and needs.

This unit will provide an overview of your responsibilities as a learner. You will also be introduced to the various departments at WOSC and how they support your learning.

Student Resources

3Student Resources

In this unit students will learn about the various resources available on our campus. They will learn about how to access resources and how to become involved on campus. Students will also learn how to sign up for RAVE Mobile so that they can receive updates on classes, school closings, and any technical difficulties that we may be experiencing with Moodle.

Critical Thinking

4Critical Information every College Student should Know

At WOSC, your success is our highest priority. Western's faculty and staff are focused on helping learners succeed in reaching their personal and professional goals. To help you succeed, information on degrees, advisement, college terminology and ADA are provided.

Strategy for Success

5Strategies for Your Success

WOSC's curriculum and online learning environment requires critical thinking, time management, and self-direction. While the asynchronous learning environment allows you to work on your course material based on your individual schedule, there are still deadlines for completing learning activities. The material in this unit covers strategies that will help you develop behaviors leading to success in reaching your academic goals.

Adult Learners

6Tips for Adult Learners

Students who are returning to school often face unique challenges. Family and work sometimes get in the way of studying and going to class. This unit is designed to educate adult learners about how to navigate these obstacles and how to get back into the routine of learning in a classroom setting again.