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WOSC GreenBucks Card

Green Bucks Card
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GreenBucks Card - Your Key to Campus Life
GreenBucks Card is your official WOSC identification card. It will give you access to libraries, recreation facilities, and other campus services.  You’ll use your GreenBucks Card often, so make sure to carry it with you at all times. You will be able to use it to:

  • Receive financial aid disbursements(unless you designate another financial institution)
  • Receive book buyback credits
  • Purchase food through your meal plan
  • Check out books from the library
  • Attend athletic events



For information on how to obtain your GreenBucks Card, call or visit the Admissions / Information Desk @ (580) 477-7721.


Contractual Agreement with Financial Payments 

Herring Bank Student Accountholder Cost Disclosure

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