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Agriculture Sciences

Welcome to Western's Agriculture Sciences website. Here at Western Oklahoma State College students can prepare for an exciting career in the rapidly changing field of agriculture by earning an Associate in Science (AS) degree in Agriculture. Our goal is to help students earn a two-year degree in agriculture where they can then enter the job market or transfer to a four-year institution.

Western Oklahoma State College offers high quality courses designed to fulfill the lower level requirements for the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State University. Because departmental requirements vary at other universities, students are strongly urged to consult a faculty advisor. Bachelor of Sciences degrees can be earned in the following areas: Horticulture, Animal Sciences, Vet Medicine, Landscape Studies, Agribusiness Management, Plant Science, Soil Science, Food Technology, Integrated Pest Management, Natural Resource Management, Agricultural Communications, Entomology, Agricultural Education, Range Management, Range Science, as well as Wildlife and Fisheries Management.

The Western Oklahoma State College Agriculture Program and the local Ag Advisory Board work together to sponsor the Western Agriculture Scholarship program. This program focuses on awarding students majoring in Agriculture with scholarship funds to aid with obtaining a degree from Western. High school seniors with an interest in pursuing an AS degree in Agriculture are highly encouraged to apply for a scholarship. See the link for the Western agriculture scholarship below.