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Payroll Deduction Program

Employee Payroll Deduction Program
Invest in the Future


The 21st century presents many new challenges to the future of academic programs and growth at Western Oklahoma State College. You can make no greater investment in the future of the college than to support the WOSC Foundation, Inc. Currently 88 staff and faculty members participate in the Payroll Deduction Program, contributing a total of $2,035.00 per month. That is $24,420.00 per year! Together our small gifts make a BIG impact.

Gifts made through Payroll Deduction are deposited with the WOSC Foundation, Inc. and are used to fund educational opportunties for our students.

General Information
Each month your determined gift will be automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited with the WOSC Foundation, Inc. You may designate your gift to be allocated towards a specific endowment or your favorite WOSC program.


2014 Payroll Deduction Program Participants


Morgan Adams         
Gerri Hand
Lora Lea Pickering
Traci Balderas Melinda Hathaway
Casey Podoll
Pia Bauer Heather Hood
James Poe
Jacque Bellamy Nicholas Hood
Patrica Purdue
Phillip Birdine Melissa Hurst
Donda Roach
Jeff Bourgeois Doyle Jencks
Kurt Russell
Katie Brewer
Jerry Kassin Cullen Sanders
Leslie Brown
Nicole Keenum
Jeffrey Schneider
Katy Butchee
Tricia Latham
Lana Scott
C.L. Carden
Glenna Lunday
Jessica Seagraves
Nicholas Cavin Randy Marceleno
Alyshe Severn
Lisa Chaney
Mike McBrayer
Kristin Shelby
Brandy Cooper
Shanna McBride
Emily Smith
Matthew Craig
Ruth Mesa
Guy Smith
Myrna Cross
Judith Meyer
Justin Smith
Rolando De Le Barrera
Anita Miller
Melissa Smith
April Dill
Jason Miller
Kristin Snow 
Katie Dowden
Karla Moore
Josh Thiemann
Larry Duffy
April Nelson
Jeri Thornton-Dulaney
Vicki Elkins
Bruce Newman
Mike Tucker
Paula Espinosa
Janet Newton
Polly Walker
Kelly Fisher
Justin O'Neil
Maurice Walton
Marco Garcia
Mary Osborn
Radonna Whitaker
Gary Gardner
Jennifer Otto
Cecilia White
Misty George
Chrystal Overton
Chad Wiginton
Jeffrey Gonda
Mike Pate
Bruce Wilson
Lisa Greenlee
Bob Pearson Deborah Wolff
Kristy Greer
Otis Pelt
Kimberly Zachary
Estlla Guerra
John Phelan
Jody Hamilton
Brenda Phillips


Interested in joining the Payroll Deduction Program?