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Payroll Deduction Program

Employee Payroll Deduction Program
Invest in the Future


The 21st century presents many new challenges to the future of academic programs and growth at Western Oklahoma State College. You can make no greater investment in the future of the college than to support the WOSC Foundation, Inc. Currently 60 staff and faculty members participate in the Payroll Deduction Program, contributing a total of $2,369.00 per month. That is $28,428.00 per year! Together our small gifts make a BIG impact.

Gifts made through Payroll Deduction are deposited with the WOSC Foundation, Inc. and are used to fund educational opportunties for our students.

General Information
Each month your determined gift will be automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited with the WOSC Foundation, Inc. You may designate your gift to be allocated towards a specific endowment or your favorite WOSC program.


2023 Payroll Deduction Program Participants


Beau Wilson Allen Katherine Hamilton
Cullen Sanders
Frances Barber Jennifer Hammack
C. Hunter Sawders
Pia Bauer Amy Harmon
Lana Scott
Rachel Beckner  Ginger Hill
Maegan Scott
Jared Black Heather Hood
Kristin Shelby
Kimberlie Borrego Nicholas Hood
Leigh Sheridan
Jeff Bourgeois Doyle Jencks
Jennifer Sommers
Meredith Brocklehurst Garbiella Lebron
Christina Stewart
Sarah Bucklew-Higdon Keila Manos
 Jarod Stidham
Matt Cartwright Randy Marceleno
 Brenda Straub
Nicholas Cavin Deena Morley
 Erin Sturgeon
Jimmy Childs April Nelson
 Monica Taylor
Amy Jo Cobb
Cheryl Orr
 Katelynn Thompson
Rolando De La Berra
Chrystal Overton
 Meredy Thompson
Sa'vana Denton
Casey Pololl
 Brandi Ward
Lisa Downs
James Poe
 Tonya Ware
Larry Duffy
Patricia Purcue
 Chad Wiginton
Tricia Duncan
Timara Rex Padgett
 Bruce Wilson
Sylvia Fairchild
Michael Ruhl
David Goodman
Kurt Russell


Interested in joining the Payroll Deduction Program?
Payroll Deduction Authorization Form