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Student Billing


Tuition & Fee Payments

All unpaid pre-enrollments will be cancelled after the payment due date. All other enrollments are due on the day of enrollment.

Students who wish to use financial aid in lieu of payment should have their processed Free Application For Federal Aid (Student Aid Report) in the Financial Aid Office (A6) at least one month prior to the payment deadline. Applications are good for two full-time semester equivalents beginning the fall semester and ending during the summer semester of the next year.

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education without notification.



Western Oklahoma State College has partnered with Herring Bank to introduce a NEW, FLEXIBLE, SECURE online payment plan program. Payments are deducted AUTOMATICALLY from a debit/credit card OR bank account. You get to CHOOSE if you want WEEKLY, BIWEEKLY, or MONTHLY payments! For more information on how to sign up click on the link below:

College Green Online Payment Plan


Photo Last (Email) First (Website) Job Title Location Phone
Photo of Bailee Carter Carter Bailee Accounts Receivable/Billing Clerk A3 (580) 477-7731
Photo of Meredy Thompson Thompson Meredy Director of Student Billing A3 (580) 477-7730
Photo of Alicia Buxton Buxton Alicia (P/T) Accounts Receivable/Billing Clerk A3 (580) 477-7955