Employee Directory

First Last Job Title Location Phone
Mary Abbott Library & Testing Assistant LRTC (580) 477-7770
Gayle Abernathy Mathematics Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Beau Allen Maintenance Tech/Grounds V-4 (580) 477-7859
Kathryn Anderson English Instructor HLC104 (580) 477-7858
Linda Baker (P/T) Nursing Secretary Elk City Campus ELK CITY (580) 477-7981
Beth Barber Assistant Director of Nursing/Sophomore Coordinator & Instructor TE-10E (580) 477-7832
Cynthia Barker Admissions, Records & VA Specialist SSC-206 (580) 477-7718
Ruben Barrera Dorm Supervisor D13 Adjunct Instructor
Pia Bauer Division Director (Math, Business and Computers) HLC128 (580) 477-7942
Kaylee Beason Student Billing Specialist A3 (580) 477-7731
Rachel Beckner Vice President for Academic Affairs A8 (580) 477-7702
Rita Beisel Psychology Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Jared Black Women's Basketball Head Coach D7 (580) 477-7797
Tiny Booker HPER Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Kimberlie Borrego Upward Bound Assistant Director TE12-C (580) 477-7912
Jeff Bourgeois Help Desk Specialist HLC135 (580) 477-7906
Katie Brewer Psychology Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Meredith Brocklehurst History Instructor HLC105 (580) 477-7738
Alexis Busby (P/T) Library & Testing Assistant LRTC (580) 477-7770
Brian Carpenter Information Systems Specialist HLC137 (580) 477-7919
Matt Cartwright Athletic Director/HPER Instructor D13 (580) 477-7800
Nicholas Cavin Assistant Director of Information Technology HLC123 (580) 477-7958
Jimmy Childs Mathematics Instructor HLC129 (580) 477-7904
Natalie Chisum Assistant Director of Financial Aid SSC-201C (580) 477-7712
Amy Cobb Administrative Assistant to the President A8 (580) 477-7700
Jeffrey Collins Calculus Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Zadie Curry Agriculture Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Kriston Cusher Math Adjunct Adjunct Instructor
Ashton Davis Director of Information Technology HLC139 (580) 477-7915
Janna Davis Development & Alumni Specialist A12 (580) 477-7706
Kaydence Decker (P/T) Student Billing Clerk A3 (580) 477-7952
Rolando DeLaBarrera Men's Basketball Coach D16 (580) 477-7871
Blake Delao Music Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Tina Denton Microcomputer Instructor Adjunct Instructor
April Dill Psychology Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Addy Dominguez Assistant Registrar SSC-207 (580) 477-7720
Lindsey Ducharme Nursing Simulation Coordinator TE16 (580) 477-7711
Larry Duffy (P/T) Executive Secretary for WOSC Foundation A12 (580) 477-7705
Tricia Duncan Director of Financial Aid SSC-201D (580) 477-7713
Phillp Dyer History Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Paula Espinosa Child Development/Early Childhood Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Carolyn Estes Assistant Director of WINDS B-23B (580) 477-7916
Kelsey Evans Business Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Todd Fagin Geography Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Diane Fairchild Director of Nursing TE-10C (580) 477-7829
Solveig Feller Director of Admissions/Registrar SSC-208 (580) 477-7719
Jamie Ferrell Freshman Nursing Instructor LAWTON (580) 477-7989
Kaycee Finch Testing Specialist LRTC-107A (580) 477-7757
Lillian Gable (P/T) Student Billing Clerk A3 (580) 477-7955
Crystal Garcia Upward Bound Academic Coach TE12 (580) 477-7787
Vicky Gatewood Mathematics Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Misty George Mathematics Adjunct Adjunct Instructor
David Goodman Science Instructor B10 (580) 477-7754
Audriel Goodman (P/T) Financial Aid SSC-201 (580) 477-7709
Ashley Gordon Developmental Math Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Hope Grady Nursing Secretary Lawton Campus LAWTON 202 (580) 477-7985
Katharine Hamilton Sophomore Nursing Instructor LAWTON (580) 477-7988
Jennifer Hammack Agriculture Instructor / Agriculture, Child Development and Nursing Division Director TE-20 (580) 477-7849
Amy Harmon Business Education Instructor HLC106 (580) 477-7785
Linnea Harvey Agriculture Adjunct (580) 477-7849
Ginger Hill Physical Plant Coordinator LRTC115 (580) 477-7727
Heather Hood Controller A3 (580) 477-7928
Nicholas Hood Distance Learning Facilitator & Interactive Media Specialist HLC125 (580) 477-7745
Matt Hudson Assistant Director of Predictive Analytics HLC138 (580) 477-7742
Lakisa Igiede NASNTI Outreach Specialist TE17-A (580) 477-7855
Caitlyn Jacobs History Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Doyle Jencks Director of Physical Plant LRTC-115 (580) 477-7736
Justin Jones Microcomputer Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Kelly Jones (P/T) Athletic Secretary D13 (580) 477-7802
Mary Jones (P/T) Technical Support HLC134 (580) 477-7907
Christina Koch Freshman Nursing Coordinator and Instructor ELK CITY (580) 477-7982
James Legrand History Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Shelby Lucus Recruiter/Student Activities Specialist SSC-200A (580) 477-7845
Keila Manos Vice President for Student Affairs C7 (580) 477-7925
Shanna McBride Child Development/Early Childhood Instructor Adjunct Instructor
James McSweeney HPER Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Anita Miller (P/T) Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness B1 (580) 477-7841
Jeff Moore Philosophy and Religion Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Russell Moore Speech Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Deena Morley Chemistry Instructor/Science, Communications & Liberal Arts Division Director/Assessment B11 (580) 477-7761
Candice Morris Sociology Instructor Adjunct Instructor
April Nelson Director of Personnel A6 (580) 477-7896
Bruce Newman Government Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Kimberly Ochs Purchasing/Accounts Payable Clerk A1 (580) 477-7728
Cheryl Orr Counselor SSC-205 (580) 477-7710
Timara Padgett Online Nursing Coordinator ONLINE (580) 477-7830
Jerimy Pence Shooting Sports Coach D13 (580) 477-7802
Mary-Ann Perez Lead Custodian LRTC 115 (580) 477-7727
David Philpott Maintenance V-4 Adjunct Instructor
Linda Pinkham (P/T) Financial Aid Specialist SSC-201E (580) 477-7724
Jimmy Poe Safety & Security Coordinator B-2 (580) 477-7945
Patricia Purdue Social Science Instructor / Humanities, Social and Behavoral Science Division Director HLC147 (580) 477-7975
Rachel Randall Biology Instructor B-17A (580) 477-7876
Kathy Reyes Freshman Nursing Instructor TE10 (580) 477-7831
Dominic Rodriguez Cheer Coach A-14 (580) 477-7802
Michael Ruhl Science Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Mary Runyan Music Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Kurt Russell Baseball Coach D-4 (580) 477-7971
Cullen Sanders Safety & Security/Surplus B-2 (580) 477-7939
Kelissa Sanders Political Science Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Hunter Sawders Criminal Justice Instructor/Title IX Coordinator HLC112 (580) 477-7891
Kelsey Schones Sophomore Nursing Instructor ELK CITY (580) 477-7983
Maegan Scott Director of Public Relations A13 (580) 477-7875
Casey Seals English/Speech Instructor HLC130 (580) 477-7931
Kristin Shelby Academic Dean A11 (580) 477-7926
Leigh Sheridan WINDS Academic Coach B-26 (580) 477-7850
Dolores Simmons Nursing Office Coordinator TE-10 (580) 477-7834
Jennifer Sommers Accounts Payable & Inventory Coordinator A1 (580) 477-7729
Riley Sparks Criminal Justice Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Christina Stewart Administrative Secretary to VP of Academic Affairs A8 (580) 477-7702
Jerod Stidham Head Softball Coach D-14A (580) 477-7887
Barbie Stover Art Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Brenda Straub English Instructor A19 (580) 477-7805
Gary Strickland Plant and Soil Sciences Instructor (580) 477-7847
Erin Sturgeon Child Development Instructor TE4 (580) 477-7880
Monica Taylor Director of Development & Alumni A12 (580) 477-7784
Katelynn Thompson Advising & Retention Coordinator SSC-200B (580) 477-7741
Meredy Thompson Director of Student Billing A3 (580) 477-7730
Michael Thornton History Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Jesse Tierney Rodeo Coach AB-104 (580) 477-7801
Alejandra Tillman Scholars Coordinator C3 (580) 477-7821
Bailey Trammell History Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Danielle Tucker Developmental Reading Instructor Adjunct Instructor
Ryan Turner Part Time Assistant Baseball Coach D13 (580) 477-7806
Tonya Ware Salary & Benefits Coordinator A6 (580) 477-7756
Alex White Accountant A3-B (580) 477-7765
Chad Wiginton President A8 (580) 477-7700
Sherry Willey (P/T) AAFB Liaison AAFB (580) 481-6106
Jeremie Williams Admissions & Records Assistant SSC-203 (580) 477-7717
Bruce Wilson Director of TRIO Programs TE-12 (580) 477-7857
Raven Winkield Scholar's Program Office Assistant C3 (580) 477-7821
Steven Winters Full Time Maintenance Tech/Mechanical HVAC V-4 (580) 477-7859

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    Western Oklahoma State College, established as Altus Junior College in 1926, is the oldest original municipal two-year college still in existence in Oklahoma...
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    Western Oklahoma State College aspires to be the outstanding and innovative community college known for its focus on student success and its service to community and regional development.
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    The mission of Western Oklahoma State College is to provide high quality education while ensuring equity, supporting student success, and empowering individuals to become productive members of diverse local, regional, and global communities.