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Student Assessment



Room SSC 206


Western Oklahoma State College campus will be closed for Winter break from 12/21/20-1/5/21. 

Current Hours of Operation (by appointment only)

Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m.


PLEASE NOTE: For those enrolled in Winter Session, the Testing Center will be closed for Winter Break from 12/21/20 through 1/5/21. To schedule an appointment for Winter Session finals, please email the Testing Coordinator (Courtney Fortwengler) at

Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays! 


If you have questions,  comments, or want to book an appointment, please contact us at 580-477-7921 or email  




 Testing Office: 580-477-7921

Fax: 580-477-7716

Director (Courtney Fortwengler):580-477-7742 


The Testing Center seeks to support the educational mission of Western Oklahoma State College by aiding students, faculty, and staff. The Testing Center seeks to provide high quality testing services for students, graduates, and professionals from the surrounding community. We strive to administer tests in a technologically advanced environment to promote satisfaction and achievement in reaching academic and professional goals. Western’s Testing Center subscribes to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers.


Picture of Testing Lab
The Testing and Assessment Center offers a wide variety of services to Western students and the community. These services include Accuplacer placement testing, ACT National and ACT Residual testing, a variety of extra institutional testing (including CLEP and DSST), GED, some FAA exams, proctored exams for Western students, and proctored exams for students enrolled in courses from other institutions. Accuplacer placement exams and proctored Western exams are adminisitered on a walk-in basis. CLEP, DSST, ACT Residual, HiSET, GED, FAA, and proctored exams from other institutions require an appointment. Students may request these services by contacting the Testing Center office at (580) 477-7921 or by email at to schedule an appointment.
Photo identification is MANDATORY for ALL testers.
Western Oklahoma State College migrated to ACCUPLACER placement testing December 2016. If you have COMPASS placement scores and wish to enroll, those COMPASS scores will only be valid through May 2017. After that date, you will need to take ACCUPLACER placement exams before enrolling in English, Math, or Science courses.
The Testing Center is an important resource for Western Oklahoma State College and the community, serving both students and faculty. The Testing Center at Western is dedicated in providing a secure testing environment and educational integrity. Therefore, these policies will be strictly enforced.
  • All examinees must show appropriate photo identification to take any exam. Approved types, but not limited to, are school ID, drivers license, passport, state ID, tribal ID, or military ID.
  • Examinees are requested to not bring cell phones, smartwatches, backpacks, etc. to the Testing Center. However, lockers are available and all items must be locked in the locker.
  • No headgear (hats, caps, scarfs, hoodies, etc.) of any kind will be allowed in the Testing Lab.
  • The Testing Center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items.
  • All examinees must sign in and out on the roster before testing.
  • Calculators, notes, books, and note paper will only be allowed according to instructor persmission.
  • Pencils, caluclators, and scratch paper will be provided by the Testing Center.
  • NO children are allowed in the Testing Center.
  • Under no circumstances is an examinee permitted to print, copy, or remove exam material by any means from the Testing Center.
  • Cheating is not allowed and will not be tolerated. An Incident Report will be completed, the instructor and Vice President of Student Support Services will be notified immediately to determine the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken.
  • Examinees for the Residual ACT arriving after the exam has begun will not be allowed to test.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Testing Lab.
  • Any special accommodations needed for testing must be approved through the Counselor.


Courtney Fortwengler 

Courtney Fortwengler
Testing and Assessment Coordinator
Office: 580-477-7742
Fax: 580-477-7716