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Testing Center F.A.Q.'s

Testing Center F.A.Q.'s

Q: How do I contact the Testing Center?
A:  You can contact the Testing Center by phone at (580) 477-7921 or by email at

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Everyone testing will need to bring a valid photo ID. Additional items will depend on the type of test that you are taking. Please reference your confirmation email to determine additional documents that need to be presented at the time of your test. 

Q: Do I need an appointment to test?
A:  Yes, to schedule an appointment please contact the Testing Center by phone at (580) 477-7921 or by email at

Q: How do I get to the Testing Center?
A: The Testing Center is located in the Learning Resource Center (Library) of the college. This wing of the institution is in the most Northeast corner of the school. You may enter through any entrance of the college and follow the signs to the Learning Resource Center and/or Testing Center. There is a help desk located in the middle of the main hallway that can provide directions and assistance to those who need it. Also, any staff member will be happy to help anyone locate the Testing Center.

Q: What time does the Testing Center close?
Fall Hours 2023
Monday-Thursday| 8:30AM -4:30PM
Friday| 8:30AM -12:30PM
Saturday & Sunday| Closed


Q. If Western Oklahoma State College campus is closed, will the Testing Center be open?
A: The Testing Center observes all federal holidays and will be closed when the WOSC campus is closed.

Q: Where can I store my personal items?
There are lockers available to store personal ideas.

Q: Can I eat or drink while taking a test?
A: No food or drinks are allowed in the testing center. 

Q: How do I request a special testing room?
A:  To request a special testing room, please contact the Testing Center.
We will be happy to make accommodations whenever possible.

Q: Are the tests timed?
A:  All tests are timed with the exception of Accuplacers

Q:What if I want to retake a test?
A: The retake policy depends on which type of test you are taking.
Accuplacers are allowed to be retested as many times as needed, but there is a $15 retest fee per test.


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