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STARS: Strategic Training And Real Solutions

STARS is an employment training program offering single parents, and couples experiencing unemployment or under-employment, an opportunity to obtain a high school equivalency diploma (GED/HiSET) or a college degree at Western.  

STARS offers an academic adviser, extensive tutoring resources, job readiness, job search assistance, career counseling, financial assistance including financial needs beyond school expenses, transportation assistance, child care assistance, and more.  STARS provides a specific classroom and breakroom where students have access to computers, WiFi and other amenities that are designed to enhance their college experience and remove barriers.  Students are also able to participate in internships and experience structured job search resulting in full time employment.

STARS has the resources for participants to prepare for and complete the high school equivalency tests in as little as 6 weeks and up to one year.  We provide specific test prep that is designed for testing success. Students have up to 35 hours a week of study time in the classroom with a qualified instructor.  

Our job is to assist students in breaking the cycle of poverty, help students become self-sufficient by reaching educational goals and obtaining sustainable full time employment.  Students participating in STARS receive monetary compensation for attendance and grades in addition to other financial assistance. 

Students must meet eligibility requirements.  

STARS is located at Western's Altus campus in the Technical Education Building  in room T3. 

For more information contact at 580-477-7810 or 580-477-7812.