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Public Notice “The Western Oklahoma State College, Department of Nursing is pursuing pre-accreditation candidacy status from the National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (NLN CNEA), located at 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20037; phone 202-909- 2500. Interested parties are invited to submit third party comments in writing directly to NLN CNEA, attention Andrea Browning, NLN CNEA Manager of Accreditation Services, no later than January 28, 2018.”

About Western's Nursing Program

Nursing make a difference A

career in nursing offers challenges, self-satisfaction and the opportunity to be a member of the interdisciplinary team providing care in various health care settings.

The Nursing Program at Western Oklahoma State College was established in 1981 and has an outstanding success rate for preparing qualified nurses. The nursing program is currently offered at three sites: Altus, Lawton, and Elk City. Courses are “team-taught” via ITV from all sites. By establishing admission criteria and procedures, the department of nursing hopes to ensure that students selected for the program are capable of successfully completing the nursing program and passing the national examination. The WOSC Nursing Program is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. Upon graduation, students are qualified to take the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination).

The minimum time to complete the program requirements is five semesters. Classroom study is combined with practical application in nursing experiences at various clinics and hospitals. The number of applicants to be accepted will reflect the availability of appropriate clinical experience.


The Nursing program is designed for the student who plans to enter the job force immediately. After successful completion of the required curriculum, you will receive an Associate's of Applied Science Degree which prepares you for the Registered Nurse licensure exam. The program consists of a prerequisite semester in which students must have completed all prerequisite courses prior to admission to the Nursing Program. Because of the limited spaces available in this program, admission is highly competitive and completion of all general education, related, and support courses is highly recommended. To be considered for acceptance to the Nursing Program the student must meet certain entrance standards. Contact the Nursing Department for additional program admission requirements and program details.

WOSC Nursing Department Pass Rate/Employment Rate/ Completion Rate Average






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(* is to be announced once data available)

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Classroom The Nursing Program at Western Oklahoma State College was established in 1981 and has an outstanding success rate for preparing qualified nurses. The nursing program is currently offered at three sites: Altus, Lawton, and Elk City. Courses are “team-taught” via ITV from all sites. By establishing admission criteria and procedures, the department of nursing hopes to ensure that students selected for the program are capable of successfully completing the nursing program and passing the national examination. The WOSC Nursing Program is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. Upon graduation, students are qualified to take the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination).

Western Oklahoma State College fully subscribes to all principles and requirements of the American Disabilities Act. In compliance with the American Disabilities Act, the nursing department does not discriminate. However, it is important to note that in order to progress successfully through the nursing curriculum and function as a practicing nurse upon graduation, an individual must be able to perform certain physical activities that include vocal, visual, auditory, intellectual and dexterity requirements. Students seeking to be admitted to the nursing program must have these competencies necessary for the professional practice of nursing as identified by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

2018 HESI A2 - Admission Exam Schedule




December 12, 2017

1p – 5p


December 13, 2017

9a – 1p


January 9, 2018

1p – 5p


January 11, 2018

9a – 1p


January 23, 2018

1p – 5p


January 24, 2018

9a – 1p


February 6, 2018

1p – 5p


February 7, 2018

9a – 1p


February 13, 2018

1p – 5p


February 14, 2018

9a – 1p


February 20, 2018

1p – 5p


February 21, 2018

9a – 1p


February 27, 2018

1p – 5p


February 28, 2018

9a – 1p

For more information, view the Application Worksheet!

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the online application to the nursing program.
  2. Copies of ALL college transcripts must be on file at the Nursing Department with a Cumulative GPA of 2.0 out of a possible 4.0.
  3. Minimum grade of “C” in all Technical-Occupational Support & Related courses.
  4. Pre-admission RN examination (HESI A2).
  5. Pre-admission scores of at least an 84 in the Reading section and a 74 in the Math section of the HESI A2 exam.
  6. Completion of all prerequisite courses.

**Please note** Mail or deliver all sealed official transcripts to the Altus, Elk City, or Lawton office.

Applicants will be ranked to determine acceptance into the nursing program based on completion of the application process, the students Cumulative GPA on required general education and nursing support courses, and a pre-admission RN examination with designated decision scores. Please refer to the Admission Selection Score Sheet for additional information.

Classroom Transfer Students

Transfer credits from an ACEN accredited nursing school will be considered on an individual basis. There will be no more that one academic year between successful completion of the last nursing course for transfer into the WOSC Nursing Program. Please review the current Transfer Policy and Procedure for additional information.

Advanced Standing

Students who have completed a practical nursing program and hold a valid unencumbered LPN license may apply for advanced standing credit for NURS 1119. Mobility testing will be required for advanced standing credit for NURS 1129. Candidates must meet admission requirements and will be admitted to the appropriate nursing class on a space available basis. LPN students should contact Carmen Nickel, Director of Nursing Education at (580) 477-7830 to have LPN credits assessed and to schedule the needed mobility examinations.
Please review: NLN NACE I Study Guides and NLN NACE Series Bulletin.

International Students

Applicants classified as an international student using an F-1 Student Visa may attend at one of Western’s three campuses. However, all initial processing & paperwork must be completed with the Office of Registrar at the Altus campus. Oklahoma law only allows a license to be issued to U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and legal permanent resident aliens. Other qualified aliens may be issued a temporary license that is valid until the expiration of their visa status, or if there is no expiration date, for one year. For more information regarding this matter, applicants can contact the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.

All applicants to the program for whom English is a second language must take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test.

Criminal Background Checks

Once accepted by the WOSC Nursing Department, all students will be required to submit information in order for a criminal background check to be complete. If an applicant admitted to the nursing program possesses any one of the following: a felony conviction, arrest, pending charges, judicially declared incompetence, or disciplinary action should be aware this might affect eligibility for registered nurse licensure. Various clinical agencies also have restrictions regarding individuals with a criminal record. Criminal background information is reviewed and decisions are made based on the clinical agency’s policies and guidelines.


Do I need to apply to Western Oklahoma State College?

Yes, you should apply to Western Oklahoma State College prior to applying to the Nursing program. It's free, and you can apply online here.

Where do I get an application for the nursing program?

You can download and complete the application worksheet.

What should I include with my application?

Both high-school transcripts and official college transcripts from every college you have attended excluding Western should be sent to Western. Unofficial WOSC transcripts will be accepted.

Will submitting my application early give me a better chance of getting in?

No. Applications are not evaluated until after the deadline. Applications must be COMPLETE and post marked on or before the deadline to be considered.

Should I add letters of recommendation?

General students are NOT required to submit a letter of recommendation. LPN students ARE required to submit a reference letter from their immediate nursing supervisors. LPN students who are currently enrolled in a practical nursing program ARE required to submit a reference letter from the program director. This reference letter should be mailed or delivered to the Altus, Elk City or Lawton campus.

How do you select the applicants who will enter the program?

The selection process is done utilizing a point system. Please refer to the Admission Selection Score Sheet for additional information.

How many points do I need to be competitive?

Each year the point values are different based on the application pool. It is recommended that applicants have at least 590 points to be competitive for acceptance into the nursing program.

How many questions are there on the HESI A2 Admission Test?

There are 5 areas in which students must test consisting of:

  • Anatomy & Physiology- 25 questions
  • Biology- 25 questions
  • Math- 50 questions
  • Reading Comprehension- 47 questions
  • Vocabulary- 50 questions

Students are also required to complete the Learning Styles Questionnaire (14 questions) and the Personality Profile (15 questions).

Can I use my HESI A2 Admission scores from last year when I applied?

No. All prospective students will need to take the HESI A2 exam each year that they apply to the nursing program.

What is the recommended score for the HESI A2?

We highly recommend that you achieve at least an 80% within each area. The math, reading, and vocabulary are actually constructed for a 10th-12th grade high-school level student. The science section is designed at the college level. Applicants must score at least an 84 in the Reading section and a 74 in the Math section in order for their application to be considered.

What GPA is needed to be considered for the program?

An overall GPA of at least 2.0 is required to be considered for the program. An overall GPA is computed from ALL college courses you have taken, to include non-requisite courses to the nursing program. Some colleges have academic forgiveness which will give you a retention GPA. The retention GPA will not be used to determined the number of points you will receive during the selection process.

I'm taking Chemistry in the summer, but have everything else done. Can I still apply?

Yes. If you have enough points to be selected, your acceptance will be contingent on successful completion of the Chemistry course. Please note that there are course completion points plus 15, 10, or 5 points for the grades you achieve in each course. You will not receive these points, during application selection. Points are only received for those courses completed by the end of the fall semester prior to the start of the application selection semester.

When will I know if I am selected?

Acceptance letters will be mailed out as soon as information is tallied.

Can I apply if I have a positive criminal background check?

Yes. You may still apply to the Nursing Program. Western Oklahoma State College does not discriminate against any person convicted of a crime. However, there are Oklahoma Board of Nursing guidelines regarding NCLEX testing and licensure. Please click on this link for more information regarding the OBN's policy

Occasionally, there are some crimes that will prevent a student from being able to complete the required clinical component of the nursing program. All positive background checks are reported to the clinical agencies who will either affirm or reject student placement at the clinical facility. If the Clinical Coordinator cannot find a clinical agency to accept a student due to a positive background check, the student will be advised to withdraw from the nursing program due to their inability to complete the program requirements.

I'm an LPN. Will I need to attend all four semesters?

No. LPN's are able to receive credit for up to two semesters of the WOSC Nursing program. LPN students will need to contact the program director for appointment prior to applying to have LPN credits assessed for program entry purposes. Additional mobility testing will be required.

What are the days and times for class?

Generally, classes are held on Monday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. There will also be a clinical day which will fall either on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday depending on the availability of clinical adjunct faculty as well as clinical facility space. Freshmen in their first semester will have a Clinical Skills Lab held on Monday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Tuesday from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (with one hour for lunch).

Please, note that there may be times when you will need to stay later than the scheduled class times because of course orientations, clinical facility orientations, HESI examinations, tutoring, and simulation experiences. The instructors will make you aware of these dates in advance so you are able to arrange for child care or other obligations.

Is there a mandatory orientation for the nursing program?

Yes. In June, all students who are accepted will meet on the Altus campus to sign their acceptance agreements.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information. They will be able to start you on the process to finding grants, loans, and scholarships that are available.

What is the estimated overall cost of the WOSC nursing program?

The cost of the nursing program varies slightly based on the student campus location and student type. General students please refer to the Cost Information Sheet for General Students. LPN students please refer to the Cost Information Sheet for LPN Students.



For additional information, please refer to the General Information Packet.

Don't see your question listed? Email them to Melissa Hurst or Carmen Nickel.





Re-Admission Information

A student may re-apply one time in only one of the four major area Nursing courses required for the Associate in Applied Science in Nursing. A student must successfully compete the four-major-area courses required for the degree within a three-year period. A student who has failed to meet academic or clinical requirements of NURS 1119 must wait until the following academic year before re-applying to the nursing program. A student who has withdrawn from the nursing program or failed to progress in NURS 1129, 2219 or 2229 must complete an Application Packet for Re-Admission in order to be considered. There can be no more than one semester lapsed in the normal progression of the nursing curriculum.

Application deadline for Spring 2017 entry: November 1st

Application deadline for Fall 2017 entry: March 1st

Classroom Check out the following resources for student nurses:






Please read the application carefully. Anyone wishing to be considered for admission to the nursing program must complete a new application.  Application packets must be complete including ALL official college and high-school transcripts to be considered for admission. Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.

Per the Director of Admissions, students will need to turn in official college transripts from all colleges you have attended including Cameron University. Only original transcripts will be accepted. Do not provide copies. Students are NOT required to submit official WOSC trancripts. Unofficial WOSC transcripts will be acceptable.



General Information Packet

Cost Information for General- LPN Students



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Contact Us

WOSC pre-nursing students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with their academic counselor at least once a semester. Appointments can be made by calling any of our campuses:

Altus Site
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All Campus Nursing Fax# - 1-580-477-7862