Proctored Exams

Proctored Exams



Are you a student living in the Altus area and taking courses from another college or university? Do you need to take an exam and have it proctored in a secure environment?


Western's Testing Center provides this service to any student needing an exam administered and proctored. The process for having an exam proctored is:

  1. If no form needs to be signed, simply provide your college, university, company, etc. with the information of the college testing center.

  2. Provide the proctor (Western Testing Center Director or staff) with your name, phone number, and email address. In addition, include: 1.) Name of the college, university, or company 2.) Course number and course name and 3.) Exam number, if applicable.

  3. If a form needs the proctor's signature, call the proctor to make arrangements to complete and return the form to the institution.

  4. The college, university, or company will then provide the proctor with your exam.

The student MUST schedule an appointment to take the exam. Contact the Testing Center Office at 580-477-7921 or by email to schedule an appointment.

When arriving for the scheduled exam, the examinee must present a valid photo ID.


Proctor/Administrator Information (this is the information that may be needed by the college/university for which you are attending):

Kaycee Finch

Western Oklahoma State College

2801 N. Main

Altus, OK 73521

Office: (580) 477-7921



Proctoring Fees:

  • $10.00 Fee

  • Proctor fees are paid the day of the exam.

  • There is no charge for current WOSC students, WOSC graduates, employees, or active duty military.


Proctoring/Testing location:

The Testing Center is located in the LRC wing of the main building.


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