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Adjunct Directory

First (Website) Last (Email) Job Title Location Phone
Gayle Abernathy Mathematics Instructor
Rita Beisel Psychology Instructor
Jared Black Women's Basketball Head Coach D7 (580) 477-7797
Tiny Booker HPER Instructor
Katie Brewer Psychology Instructor
Zadie Curry Agriculture Instructor
Ashton Davis Director of Institutional Effectiveness A13 (580) 477-7915
Blake Delao Music Instructor
Tina Denton Microcomputer Instructor
April Dill Psychology Instructor
Phillp Dyer History Instructor
Paula Espinosa Child Development/Early Childhood Instructor
Kelsey Evans Business Instructor
Todd Fagin Geography Instructor
Vicky Gatewood Mathematics Instructor
Misty George Mathematics Adjunct
Ashley Gordon Developmental Math Instructor
Caitlyn Jacobs History Instructor
Justin Jones Microcomputer Instructor
James Legrand History Instructor
Keila Manos Vice President for Student Affairs C7 (580) 477-7925
Shanna McBride Child Development/Early Childhood Instructor
James McSweeney HPER Instructor
Jeff Moore Philosophy and Religion Instructor
Russell Moore Speech Instructor
Candice Morris Sociology Instructor
Bruce Newman Government Instructor
Timara Padgett Online Nursing Coordinator ONLINE (580) 477-7830
Michael Ruhl Science Instructor
Mary Runyan Music Instructor
Kelissa Sanders Political Science Instructor
Riley Sparks Criminal Justice Instructor
Barbie Stover Art Instructor
Gary Strickland
Michael Thornton History Instructor
Bailey Trammell History Instructor
David Wallace Biology Instructor

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