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Jenna Morain- 2023 Edward Zeiser Scholarship Recipient

Feb 21, 2023 -- maegan.martin
Jenna Morain- 2023 Edward Zeiser Scholarship Recipient

The WOSC Foundation is proud to announce that Jenna Morain is the 2023 recipient of the
Edward L. Zeiser Scholarship.
The Edward L. Zeiser Scholarship was established, in the spring of 2019, by Edward L. Zeiser in
honor of Altus Junior College as the beginning of Mr. Zeiser's pursuit of a higher education. The scholarship is designed to provide funding and encourage student success. Mr. Zeiser says, “It is my hope that this scholarship will help a member of the Air Force or someone who serves the community, in any capacity, to get a start on his or her college education.”
About his educational journey, Mr. Zeiser tells us, “I was a terrible student in high school. I made
90% of the other students look good. I enlisted in the Air Force shortly after graduation. After
technical training at Keesler AFB, I was transferred to the 4th Mob. While I was stationed at
Altus AFB, I decided that I wanted to start taking college courses and enrolled at Altus Junior
College. I actually enjoyed most of the classes and passed them successfully. After I was
discharged from the Air Force, I went back to AJC and completed another semester. I later
returned to my home state of Connecticut and completed my degrees.”
Mr. Zeiser currently resides in Washington State where he continues to seek knowledge where
he can find it. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, is an avid reader and is the only male member of
his small community’s writing group.
The priority for the Zeiser Scholarship is given to enlisted Air Force personnel stationed at Altus
AFB. This year, the scholarship was opened up to dependents of members of the armed forces;
a person who actively provides services to the community either as an individual or as a
member of a community organization such as the Red Cross, Rotaract, religious service
organizations, educational service organizations, or other non-profit organizations.
Jenna Morain is our first spouse to receive this scholarship. Jenna applied for the scholarship
through the Altus First Sergeant Council in partnership with the WOSC Foundation, Inc.. Jenna
was selected by the council based on a short essay she submitted.
Jenna is from Wisconsin and is married to SrA Kade Morain. The couple came to Altus from
Iowa and have been stationed here for two years. Jenna plans to be an ultrasound technician
and is attending Western to complete pre-requisite classes before returning to Iowa State
University to finish her degree.

In her essay, Jenna wrote, “Receiving a scholarship, to me, means hope. It means that I will be
able to make a life for my family and myself. Receiving this scholarship will show me that
someone believes in me and is willing to support and assist me in accomplishing what I know I
am capable of.” About winning the scholarship she said, “It is nice that there are people like Mr.
Zeiser looking out for us and making sure we’re being taken care of.”
On behalf of Mr. Zeiser and WOSC Foundation, Inc., we want to thank the Altus First Sergeant
Council for their help in securing our first Air Force spouse scholarship winner. Congratulations
to Jenna and we wish you a bright and successful future.
Even though an education at Western has been rated as one of the most affordable in the state,
a large number of Western's students still demonstrate a need for financial assistance.
Contributions to our scholarships directly impacts students. If you are interested in setting up a
scholarship endowment, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at
(580) 477-7706.

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