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WOSC President’s Partners Welcomes Micky and Georganna Lively

Mar 20, 2023 -- maegan.martin
Monica Taylor, Director of Development & Alumni, Micky Lively, Georganna Lively, Dr. Chad Wiginton, President of Western Oklahoma State College, and Larry Duffy, Executive Secretary for WOSC Foundation
Monica Taylor, Director of Development & Alumni, Micky Lively, Georganna Lively, Dr. Chad Wiginton, President of Western Oklahoma State College, and Larry Duffy, Executive Secretary for WOSC Foundation

Western Oklahoma State College welcomes Micky and Georganna Lively as new President’s Partners. Micky and Georganna are from Mangum, Oklahoma and have two daughters, Lauren and Madi. Micky became an Oklahoma Farm Bureau agent in 2016 and Georganna an esthetician in 2013 after both taught in the Mangum Public Schools for many years. Micky serving as Superintendent the last four of those years. They love their community and stay active by serving on various board and committees to help keep the town progressing.

Micky says of their decision to become President’s Partners, “Because of our background in education we value the asset that Western is to southwest Oklahoma.  We are very fortunate to have a quality educational facility within driving distance of Mangum which allows our community members an opportunity to further their education locally.  Becoming a president’s partner is a great avenue to allow us to provide the much-needed support Western deserves.” 

Dr. Wiginton, Western Oklahoma State College President, says of the Livelys, “I have worked with Micky Lively in some capacity for almost my entire career at Western.  As a parent, teacher, coach, administrator and community member he has always been an amazing advocate for Western Oklahoma State College.  Micky and Georganna's journey with Western began in the mid 90's as students and their confidence in the college extended to both of their children who were members of the President's Academic Leadership Team we refer to as Western Ambassadors.  The Livelys are a wonderful family.  We are grateful for their constant support but more importantly their friendship.”

Western Oklahoma State College is thankful to the Livelys and all of the President’s Partners for providing financial support above and beyond operational funding provided to the college by the Oklahoma Legislature. Micky added, “I encourage anybody that has the means, to support the President’s Partners program. It truly is a way to make a direct impact on the future of southwest Oklahoma.”

The Western Oklahoma State College Foundation provides the opportunity to invest in the future by offering many ways to give. The WOSC Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 organization and exists to generate support for the students and programs of Western Oklahoma State College. For more information on the President’s Partner Program or other ways to support, visit wosc.edu/give or call our office at (580) 477-7706.

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Recent News

Randall named 2024 Teacher of the Year

May 20, 2024

Western Oklahoma State College is proud to announce that Rachel Randall, a distinguished biology instructor, has been named the 2024 Teacher of the Year. This prestigious award, determined through nominations by the entire student body and a subsequent selection by the Student Senate, recognizes exceptional dedication and excellence in teaching. 

Rachel Randall has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to her students, both academically and personally. The nominations submitted by students highlight her extraordinary impact on their educational experiences and personal growth. Here are some of the heartfelt comments from students who nominated her: 

"To me, this teacher has been one of the most caring teachers I know on campus, and I think is the most deserving of this award. Not only because they are an amazing teacher but also because they are the most caring human being. Anytime I need help with something they are always there to help me even if they don't know anything about it, they will learn about it just for me. They are always willing to go above and beyond for every single one of their students and I am completely grateful for that!" 

"I have had the privilege of having this teacher for two different classes. They are knowledgeable and caring. They go above and beyond for their students even when they don't have to. There have been countless times when I have gone to this teacher for help in other classes and if they don't know they takes the time to sit with you and look it up, they make sure you leave their office understanding what you didn't understand when you got into their office with the question. They truly care about their students, and them gaining the knowledge they need to succeed." 

Randall's dedication to her students is evident in every interaction, whether in the classroom or during one-on-one consultations. Her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure her students succeed is what makes her a truly remarkable educator and a deserving recipient of this year's Teacher of the Year award.


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