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Huckabay and Sanders named 2023 President's Excellence Award Recipients

May 10, 2023 -- maegan.martin
From left to right: President's Excellence Award Recipients, Kyra Huckabay, Mena Sanders, and Dr. Chad Wiginton, WOSC President
From left to right: President's Excellence Award Recipients, Kyra Huckabay, Mena Sanders, and Dr. Chad Wiginton, WOSC President

Western Oklahoma State College faculty and staff members honored the 2023 President’s Excellence Award nominees at a luncheon on April 26th in the Pioneer Heritage Center. Nominees must be considered sophomore students, highly active on campus, and have a 2.5 GPA or higher. Nominees were required to submit a video, then the top ten were selected for an interview by a group composed of faculty, staff, and an outstanding freshman. Each of the 14 candidates this year embodied qualities of excellence, which was evident by all of the kind words said by those who nominated them at the luncheon.

Students nominated include:

  • Sydney Hamm, Altus, OK
  • Paige Yates, Altus, OK
  • Mena Sanders, Duke, OK
  • Rhey'lyn Sanders, Olustee, OK
  • Kariann Morse, Olustee, OK
  • Star Sims, Altus, OK
  • Joshlyn Sanders, Merritt, OK
  • Karsyn McQueen, Hollis, OK
  • Adison Warren, Altus, OK
  • Kyra Huckabay, Mangum, OK
  • Joseph Garringer, Tulsa, OK
  • Melanie Sanchez, Vernon, TX
  • Liberty Carothers, Granite, OK
  • Ethan Eskew, Wichita Falls, TX


The luncheon provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to speak about their nominee and celebrate their accomplishments during their time at Western. This year’s winners were Kyra Huckabay from Mangum, Oklahoma, and Mena Sanders from Duke, Oklahoma.

From left to right: Joseph Garringer, Ethan Eskew, Joshlyn, Sanders, Adison Warren, Kariann Morse, Melanie Sanchez, Mena Sancers, Kyra Huckabay, Rhey'lyn Sanders, Karsyn McQueen, Paige Yates, Liberty Carothers, Sydney Hamm, Star Sims, and Dr. Chad Wiginton, WOSC President


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Randall named 2024 Teacher of the Year

May 20, 2024

Western Oklahoma State College is proud to announce that Rachel Randall, a distinguished biology instructor, has been named the 2024 Teacher of the Year. This prestigious award, determined through nominations by the entire student body and a subsequent selection by the Student Senate, recognizes exceptional dedication and excellence in teaching. 

Rachel Randall has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to her students, both academically and personally. The nominations submitted by students highlight her extraordinary impact on their educational experiences and personal growth. Here are some of the heartfelt comments from students who nominated her: 

"To me, this teacher has been one of the most caring teachers I know on campus, and I think is the most deserving of this award. Not only because they are an amazing teacher but also because they are the most caring human being. Anytime I need help with something they are always there to help me even if they don't know anything about it, they will learn about it just for me. They are always willing to go above and beyond for every single one of their students and I am completely grateful for that!" 

"I have had the privilege of having this teacher for two different classes. They are knowledgeable and caring. They go above and beyond for their students even when they don't have to. There have been countless times when I have gone to this teacher for help in other classes and if they don't know they takes the time to sit with you and look it up, they make sure you leave their office understanding what you didn't understand when you got into their office with the question. They truly care about their students, and them gaining the knowledge they need to succeed." 

Randall's dedication to her students is evident in every interaction, whether in the classroom or during one-on-one consultations. Her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure her students succeed is what makes her a truly remarkable educator and a deserving recipient of this year's Teacher of the Year award.


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