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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is the opportunity for high school seniors and juniors to earn college credit while still in high school. Concurrent students may attend courses on campus at Western, online, or through ITV (select locations by arrangement).

Concurrent Enrollment form 


Admission Requirements for High School Concurrent Enrollment

For concurrent admission, the student must be a junior or senior on track to meet curricular requirements for graduation by spring of your senior year and meet one of the following requirements:

  •  3.0 GPA; or
  •  Composite score of 19 on the ACT/Pre-ACT/ACT Residual1 or a score of 990 on the   SAT/Pre-SAT


Enrollment/Placement Guidelines for High School Concurrent Enrollment:

  • To enroll in a specific course, the student must meet one of the following:
    • ACT/Pre-ACT subscore of 19 (or subscore of 510 on the SAT/Pre-SAT) in the subject area they wish to enroll; or
    • Accuplacer placement test score placing them into college level in the subject area. To schedule an Accuplacer placement test, contact the Testing & Assessment Center at 580-477-7921. Concurrent students may not enroll in developmental/remedial (zero-level) courses.; or
    • an unweighed highschool GPA of 3.0 AND be ranked in the top 50% of their class
  • Students may not exceed 19 hours of total workload between both high school and college coursework in a single semester. Each class (.5 unit) they take at the high school is equivalent to 3 credit hours of college credit. High school units that are non-academic coursework, such as PE/sports, band, working as a library or teacher's aide, yearbook, or other activity-type units, do not count toward the workload total of 19. A copy of the student’s high school schedule is required with the Concurrent Enrollment Verification form.
  • Students must have permission of both their high school and parent/legal guardian to enroll. Signatures of all parties are required on the Concurrent Enrollment Verification form before a student may enroll.


Concurrent Enrollment Procedures

Step 1: Apply to Western.

  • Prospective students should submit their application for admission to Western at This step is done only the first time you attend Western. There is no fee at the time of application; if you decide to enroll and attend, a one-time $20 application fee is applied to your first bill.
  • When submitting your application, a Student ID and PIN number will be generated for you and displayed on the screen after you submit. Write down this information for future use.

Step 2: Meet with your high school counselor:

  • Review the WOSC Course Schedule and determine which college courses you would like enroll in. Some courses may also count for credit at your high school, so it is important to discuss this with your counselor.
  • Review the prerequisites to be sure you are eligible for the course. If you need additional testing to enroll in the desired courses, contact the WOSC Testing Center to schedule an Accuplacer test.

Step 3: Submit the Concurrent Enrollment form and required documentation

All documents should be compiled and submitted in one packet* by the high school counselor/principal to WOSC Office of Admissions & Records via email to:

*Note: A new packet with updated documents will be required each semester to ensure compliance with admission and enrollment policies. Once we receive the complete packet, our staff will enroll the student in the courses.

  • Concurrent Enrollment form with all required signatures (please submit a separate form for each semester requested)
  • High school transcript showing current GPA
  • ACT, Pre-ACT, SAT, or PSAT scores (if not listed on the high school transcript or previously provided to Western)
  • Schedule of your high school courses for the semester of concurrent enrollment (to verify a total course load of no more than 19 hours.

Step 4: Check your email for next steps

Within a few days of submitting your application, you will receive an email from Western with information on how to access your Campus Connect account and our online classroom. You can verify your enrollment and view various student information. If you are taking an online course, your course will not appear in the online classroom until it begins.


Tuition Waiver for Concurrent Students

Tuition Waiver Scholarships are available to concurrently enrolled students who meet specific criteria. Juniors are eligible for a maximum of 9 credit hours for the academic year (summer prior to junior year, fall, and spring) and Seniors are eligible for a maximum of 18 credit hours for the academic year (summer prior to senior year, fall, and spring). The tuition waiver applies only to tuition, not to fees and books.  The student is responsible for paying for the fees and the cost of books for the courses they take.

To receive the waiver, student must meet the following criteria:

  • Admitted as a concurrent student (see admission requirements) and meeting all enrollment requirements (see Concurrent Enrollment Verification form).
  • Enrolled in at least 1 course at high school


Dropping/Withdrawing from Concurrent Courses

Since enrollment in college coursework is generally enrolled as dual credit at the high school, students enrolled concurrently must consult with their high school and the Office of Admissions & Records in order to drop or withdraw from a course. Western will require the following to drop/withdrawal from a course:

  • Documentation from the high school counselor/principal approving the drop/withdrawal
  • Concurrent students must adhere to the same withdrawal schedule as regular students (see Academic Calendar for specific withdrawal dates by term).


Retention Requirements

To remain eligible for continued concurrent enrollment, a student must meet the minimum criteria:

  • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average in all college courses.
  • Remain enrolled in at least one high school course.



Math Pathways

Several years ago, higher education moved away from a model of requiring College Algebra as the primary course for mathematics requirements. Now, there are 3 different pathways for students depending on their career/major choice.

Please use the information below when determining which math course to enroll in concurrently (in addition,  seek the advice of your high school counselor or ask to speak with an Academic Advisor at the college in which you intend to pursue your degree).

Students interested in the following degree or career fields should enroll in STEM College Algebra:

  • Science (Biology, Physics, etc.)
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Pre-medical
  • Pre-dental
  • Pre-veterinary
  • Secondary Education (Math & Science teacher)
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pre-pharmacy
  • Animal Science

Students interested in the following degree or career fields should enroll in Functions & Modeling:

  • Business Administration
  • Agriculture Business
  • Social & Behavioral sciences (psychology, sociology, etc.)
  • Nursing
  • Health, Physical Education & Recreation
  • Secondary Education

Students interested in the following degree or career fields should enroll in Survey of Mathematics:

  • Music
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Infants & Toddlers
  • Art
  • Communication
  • English
  • Elementary Education


Additional Information

Following concurrent enrollment, a student may continue enrollment at Western Oklahoma State College as a regularly admitted student or may transfer credits to another institution.


For questions about Concurrent Enrollment, Contact the Office of Admissions & Records at 580.477.7717 or contact your high school counselor.



1 Only one residual ACT is valid for admission and course placement.