Cooperative Alliances

Please be advised:

Credit will no longer be awarded under the Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP).  Students who have already received credit through CAP will be allowed to complete their degrees per the agreement guidelines.  No new students are allowed to enroll for credit in the Applied Technology areas at this time.  The following degree options have been suspended and students have until 2018 to complete them.

ASS in Applied Technology with options in 

  • Agricultural Power Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Diversified Technology
  • Drafting Technology
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Transportation Technology

If you have questions regarding the teach out procedure, please contact Rachel Beckner, Vice President for Academic Affairs, (580) 477-7702.

The Cooperative Alliance program is for high school students and adult students. Qualified students can earn college credit toward an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree by successfully completing courses at both technology centers and colleges in Oklahoma.The cost for credit awarded through the Cooperative Alliance is $8/credit hour.

The courses offered through the alliance process are taught at the technology centers. Please see the link below to show the total program hours and the hours taught at each technology center.

A cooperative alliance has multiple goals: 

(1) get more high school students into college
(2) get more adults to continue their education or begin college
(3) expand access to postsecondary education

Cost To Student:

Cost is $8.00/credit hour for all alliance courses.
Students enrolling in General Education Courses must pay the $15 Enrollment along with the regular cost of Western's tuition. 

 Western has active cooperative alliances with the following Oklahoma Technology Centers:

Southwest Technology Center-Altus
Aviation Mechanic
Office Systems Technology

- General Office Assistant
- Medical Office Assistant

Great Plains Technology Center-Lawton
Criminal Justice
Office Systems Technology
General Office Assistant
- Medical Office Assistant
Radiologic Technology

Great Plains Technology Center - Frederick
Office Systems Technology
- General Office Systems
- Medical Office Assistant

Western Technology Center - Burns Flat

Office Systems Technology
- General Office Assistant
- Medical Office Assistant

Western Technology Center - Sayre

Office Systems Technology
- General Office Assistant
- Medical Office Assistant

Red River Technology Center - Duncan

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center - Fort Cobb



Students can now earn credit towards an AAS degree through Prior Learning Assessments or PLA.  The following degree programs offer PLA credit:

  • Aviation Mechanic
  • Criminal Justice
  • General Office Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistand
  • Nursing

Eligibiligy Requirements - Students must follow the credit for Prior Learning policy found in the College Catalog.  This policy requires studetns to complete 12 credit hours at Western prior to any PLA credit being placed on a transcript.  Students fall under the same admission criteria as any other student applying to Western.  (See Admission Criteria)

Cost to Student

Cost is $5 per credit hour for all PLA credit. Students will pay Western's standard tuition and fees for all other courses including the 12 credit hours required prior to the application of the PLA credits.  

Important Links:

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Western's On-line Admission Application



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For more information contact:

Rachel Beckner, Vice President for Academic Affairs, (580) 477-7702