Student Activities


Basketball FunThe intramural program offers competition in sports for everyone, provided in the form of leagues, tournaments or special events.  The program is designed for current students, faculty and staff.  Intramural participation allows individuals to set goals, socialize, participate in physical activity, improve their overall physical and mental well-being and, most importantly...





A specific intramural schedule with deadlines and start dates can be located on bulletin boards around campus!

Text @woscsports to 81010 to receive text alerts and updates!

- Fall Schedule -

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- Spring Schedule -



Intramural Roster Form (.docx)

Intramural Roster Form (.pdf)



How to participate


  1. Create your own team or ask student support services to help find a team for you!
  2. Pick a team captain and team name:
    • Team captain must attend a team captain meeting prior to the first intramural game. Rules for games will be discussed at the meeting. Bring names, numbers, and student ID numbers of all players.
    • Captain will be in charge of reminding team of weekly games and confirming weekly participation to student support services office.
  3. Fill out roster (located above) and return it to student services.
  4. An updated bracket for play will be posted every Friday on the student activities bulletin board (located across from Pioneer Point) and on Pioneer Guy's Facebook page. 





  1. Open to all Western students, staff, and faculty.
  2. Varsity athletes must get permission from their coach before participating in any intramural sport.
  3. Each team must turn in completed roster on the 1st of the month of participation.
  4. Team captain is responsible for notifying Student Services every Wednesday of team's participation the following week.
  5. Each team must have (2) female participates on the court at all times.
  6. Individuals participate in the intramural program at their own risk.






Every team is responsible for the conduct of its players and followers.  Any conduct judged as detrimental to the participants, program or any particular contest may result in the loss of a contest, suspension of the entire team or other appropriate action.  Striking, fighting, or other inciting action, whether physical or verbal abuse of an employee of the college or fellow participants will result in automatic suspension.  A team must maintain control of its members.  They must also exhibit the high standard of sportsmanship for their group that is expected at an institution of higher education.  Any participant or organization suspended from intramural activities due to a violation of intramural guidelines or sports rules will have the opportunity to participate in due process to ensure protection of rights.  The High School & College Relations Specialist will hear information from all involved parties and make an appropriate decision.  A final appeal may be made to the Vice President for Student Support Services.



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