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Tuition... Books... Supplies... Housing... Every year of college is expensive!Grads!

An additional year of college can cost you more than $50,000 in extra tuition, lost wages and related costs.  Taking longer to complete college not only means you’ll pay more for your degree, it also decreases your chances of graduating at all.

But on average, if you take 15 credits each semester, you’ll have an associate degree in two years.  And then, instead of letting the expenses of college drag on for years, you could be out in the world using your degree to get a better job and to earn more money. Graduate on time and get ahead.

Finish College Faster. Earn More Money!

A 2013 Pew Research Center survey revealed a large wage gap among millennial students aged 25 to 32. Those students with a bachelor’s degree or more earned an average of $45,500 annually. Those with an associate degree or some college earned an average of $30,000 annually and those with only a high school diploma earned $28,000 annually.

Get your degree on time by taking the right courses!

Meet with you academic advisor each semester to make sure you’re taking the required courses you need to earn your degree on time.

1. Map out all the courses you need to complete your associate degree in two years.

2. Take all math and English courses within your first couple of semesters.

3. Complete at least 15 credits per semester to finish on time.

Why is taking 15 credits important?

Taking 15 credits a semester is full-time student status.  If you’re going to school full time, you will be on track to finishing your degree ON TIME! Taking only 12 credits a semester means graduating with an associate degree in three years. 


12 credits = 3 years
15 credits = 2 years.  
Do the math.  Start to Finish by taking 15 credits a semester.

Western is here to help you “Start to Finish.” Contact the Admissions Office today at 477-7717 or contact your academic adviser.  

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