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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is the most widely used and most widely accepted drug, past and present. It is the simplest of all the psychoactive drugs, comprised of the most basic elements in nature, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.  It is also known as ethanol, ethyl alcohol, or ETOH.

Alcohol use and abuse can be very counterproductive to reaching your educational and life goals. Students who are out late partying often oversleep and miss classes. Someone who is hung over is more likely to sleep in or may be too sick to attend class. People who party several times a week can fall behind on their homework, projects, or papers- causing low GPA and even dropping out of school.
The following chart shows, on average, students who drink the most alcohol receive the lowest grades.

Drinks per week:

A- 4.21

B- 6.03

C- 7.76

D/F- 9.97

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