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Services for Students with Disabilities

WOSC is committed to providing support services to physically and learning disabled students. These services are guided by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which prohibits discrimination against otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities, and mandates that reasonable accommodations be made for such persons. 

To access these services students must initiate their request each semester by meeting with the counselor to discuss their physical or academic needs. Students must provide documentation from a qualified professional as to the nature of their disability before receiving services.
Student Support Services ADA Request Form

Each student is encouraged to act as his/her own advocate and has the major responsibility for securing assistance. Early and regular contact with the counselor will help ensure services and accommodations. It is strongly recommended that all documentation is in place by the second week of classes to ensure that accommodations are met in a timely fashion.  

Accommodations that are considered reasonable for college students differ significantly from accommodations that are routinely available at the high school level. We have provided links below to articles that explain these differences in a manner that is easy to understand.


ADA Accommodation Grievance Procedure

If you disagree with the accommodations suggested by the Office for Students with Disabilities, please discuss your concerns with the Counselor. If you are not able to reach an amenable agreement with the Counselor, we encourage you to review Western's ADA Grievance Procedure described below and proceed as directed.  
After receiving the Grievance Report Form, Western's Vice President for Student Support Services, our designated coordinator for ADA compliance efforts will render a decision on your grievance.  You will have the opportunity to visit with this administrator if you still feel your rights as a student with a disability are not being honored.
Western's​​ Grievance Procedure for Americans with Disabilities Accommodations and the Grievance Report form are all available below. 
At Western, we are committed to providing a top notch education that is accessible for all of our students.


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