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FY 2022-2023

Employee benefits in the following areas are available for all full-time college employees:

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance:  Western participates in Employees Group Insurance Division.  The college provides a $600 defined contribution to each eligible employee.  The contribution rate will be determined annually, with any changes effective at the beginning of the next benefits plan year. If the contribution from Western is greater than the cost of the health insurance then the remaining portion may be used to pay for other insurances available (dental and/or vision) or make contributions to the your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account.

Each eligible employee will pay the following amounts towards their own health insurance premium:

  • HealthChoice High - $15.90
  • HealthChoice Basic - $0.00 ($112.64)

Any remaining premiums will be withheld from the employee’s regular salary and paid directly to the carrier on behalf of the individual. 

Cash Option in Lieu of Medical Insurance: WOSC has a policy to allow for a cash option in lieu of medical insurance for those employees fully and adequately covered by another insurance plan normally an employer through a spousal coverage.  To qualify for this option the employee will have to show proof of coverage and will be asked to certify that on an annual basis.  Failure to provide certification of adequate coverage will cancel this opportunity.

Life Insurance:  All full-time employees are insured for two times the insured's annual salary, rounded to the nearest $1,000 (not to exceed $250,000), for group term life.    The insured amount decreases to 65% beginning at age 65, decreases to 50% at age 70 and decreases to 35% at age 75.  The college will pay the monthly premium for full-time personnel only.  

Long-Term Disability Income:  All full-time employees are insured for 60% of the insured's monthly salary, up to $8,000 monthly salary, exclusive of overtime and other compensation.  Monthly benefits will commence after a waiting period of calendar 180 days.  Employees may elect a buy-up option to reduce the waiting period to 90 days.  Your benefit duration may be reduced if you become disabled after age 65. 

NOTE:  Your benefits may be reduced if you are receiving benefits from any of the following sources:  compulsory benefit act or law, such as state disability, any government retirement system earned as a result of working for the current policyholder, any disability or retirement benefit received under a retirement plan, any social security or similar plan or act, earnings the insured earns or receives from any form of employment, workers compensation or salary continuances or employer contributions to an employer sponsored retirement plan.          

Social Security:  Mandatory contributions are withheld from each employee's salary and are matched by the institution.  (Currently 6.20% for OASDI tax on maximum earnings of $147,000 and 1.45% for Medicare  tax on all earnings for 2021.) 

Retirement:  All full-time college employees are eligible for membership in the Teachers' Retirement System of Oklahoma.  Membership is mandatory for the following, except those ages 55 and over:

  1. All full-time administrative and supervisory employees.

All full-time instructional faculty.

  1. An administrator or instructor employed half-time or more (Employee paid). (At the time of retirement, the years of creditable service will be figured on half-time membership.  E.g., if an instructor employed half-time worked for 22 years, the years of creditable service would be 11 years.)

Retirement benefits shall be paid to the member who has reached age 62 prior to 11/01/11 or who has reached age 65 after 10/31/11, or whose age as of his or her last birthday and number of years of creditable service total 90.  (Members who joined TRS prior to July 1, 1992, full retirement will be paid when age and years of service total 80.)  Employees are "vested" in the Teachers' Retirement System after 5 years of OTRS credible service prior to October 31, 2017 or 7 years after November 1, 2017.  Contributions shall be calculated on the gross salary, including fringe benefits, before any deductions are made.  The employee contribution rate will be 7% on all eligible compensation.   WOSC will pay the full-time employee's 7% contribution of all regular salary, overload, overtime pay and fringe benefits (as defined by TRS).  (WOSC contribution rate revised 07/01/99). 

Workers' Compensation:  In the event of an on-the-job injury or occupational illness, all college employees are covered by Workers' Compensation through the State Insurance Fund. 

Unemployment Compensation:  All full-time employees are eligible to receive unemployment compensation in the event they become unemployed and meet all requirements. 

I.R.C. Section 125 Flexible Benefits Program has been available since July 1, 1989.  This salary reduction program is available to all qualifying employees and authorizes a before-tax payment of family health, dental, and vision premiums on an elective basis.  Effective July 1, 1992, Dependent Care Reimbursement and Medical Expense Reimbursement were added to our Flexible Benefits Program.

 Income Deferred Annuities:  Payroll deductions for income deferred annuities are encouraged by the college administration.  These programs are designed to complement the existing retirement programs and/or assist the employee in a savings program.  

Holidays:  Certain legal holidays will be observed by the college when the school year calendar permits and will be scheduled by the President of the College by official memorandum to theemployees.  Below is the holiday schedule for FY 2022-2023  




July 4, 2022


Independence Day

September 5, 2022


Labor Day

October 14-17, 2022

Friday – Monday

Fall Break

November 11, 2022


Veterans Day

November 21-25, 2022

Monday – Friday


December 19, 2022-January 3, 2023

Monday – Tuesday

Winter Break

January 16, 2023


Martin Luther King Day

February 20, 2023


President’s Day

March 13-17, 2023

Monday – Friday

Spring Break

April 7, 2023


Good Friday

May 29, 2023


Memorial Day

June 19, 2023


Juneteenth Observed

Vacation Leave (Revised 07/01/98):  All 12-month, full-time employees are entitled to earned, paid vacation leave.  Certain designated administrative employees of the college will be granted three 5-day work weeks (120 hours) per fiscal year.  Based on an 8-hour day, these certain designated administrative employees earn vacation at the rate of 10 hours per month. [Not more than two weeks can be taken consecutively and is non-accrual from year-to-year.] 

All other 12-month, full-time employees will be granted two 5-day work weeks (80 hours) per fiscal year.  Based on an 8-hour day, these 12-month employees earn vacation leave at the rate of 6.67 hours per month.  Employees earn vacation leave beginning with the first month of their employment.  Western has a "use-it-or-lose-it" vacation policy.  All employees are given six months past the end of the fiscal year (December 31st) to use their accumulated vacation leave for that fiscal year. 

Vacation leave requests must be scheduled and approved by the department's administrator.   The college will pay for accrued, unused vacation leave as terminal payment.  Vacation leave will be taken at a time which would be convenient for the college's operating schedule.  

Sick Leave (Revised 02/17/04):  All full-time employees will earn paid sick leave in the amount of 10 hours for each contract month.  Sick leave begins accruing from the first day the employee reports for work in each fiscal or school year (9-12 month contracts).  Sick leave for all full-time employees may be accumulated to the total of 45 working days or 360 hours.  The college will not pay for accrued, unused sick leave as terminal payment.  Sick leave can be used for employees and family members.  The college may require verification of illness if absence is 3 days or longer which could include doctor’s appointment, prescription, supervisor verification, etc. 

Personal Leave for Faculty:  Each full-time faculty, with an appointment period of less than 12 months, will be granted a maximum of two (2) full days of personal leave each academic year.  Division Directors will be granted a maximum of five (5) full days of personal leave each academic year.  Personal leave days may be used at the faculty member’s discretion and will be non-cumulative from year to year. 

Personal leave beyond the established two days must be requested, and if granted, full pay will be deducted from the faculty member’s salary for each day absent, in accordance with the leave without pay policy (6.1.15).  Each faculty member requesting personal leave must meet all assigned responsibilities, as confirmed by the appropriate academic dean, before personal leave will be granted. 

Funeral Leave (Approved 2-17-04):  All full-time employees will be allowed up to 3 days funeral leave to be charged to sick leave.  The time allowed will depend on the relationship and the employee involvement in the funeral and/or travel required for out-of-town services. 

Family and Medical Leave:  Family leave will be granted to full-time employees to care for the employee's child after birth, or placement for adoption or foster care; and to care for the employee's spouse, son or daughter, or parent, who has a serious health condition.  Family leave will be charged to vacation leave, sick leave, compensatory time or leave without pay.   Medical leave will be granted to full-time employees for a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform their job.  Medical leave is also chargeable to sick leave, vacation leave, compensatory time or leave without pay.  Family and Medical Leave will not exceed 12 weeks.

Military Leave: All employees who are members, either officers or enlisted men/women of the Reserve Corps of the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, or any other component of the Armed Forces of the United States shall, when ordered by the proper authority to active or inactive duty or service, be entitled to a leave of absence for the period of such service without loss of pay during the first 20 workdays of such leave during a federal fiscal year.  The leave with pay shall not be charged against vacation or other accrued benefits.  Requested leave beyond the 20 days may be allowable from vacation or without pay.  The college reserves the right to not allow time off for additional service if it will affect the handling of the employee’s duties.  A copy of authorization orders shall be submitted with time-off request.  For additional information pertaining to employee rights and privileges under this policy, employees should refer to the Oklahoma State Statute, Title 72, Section 48. 

Tuition Waiver:  Regular, full-time Western employees, their spouses and their qualified dependent children are entitled to receive a 100% tuition only waiver benefit.  The benefit applies to tuition charges only, all fees and books must be paid by the student.  Employees are responsible for notifying and providing a copy of the tuition charges to the Director of Financial Aid in the Financial Aid Office.  The tuition only waiver is granted with the understanding that classes and study hours will not conflict with regular work schedules.  If it is necessary to take classes during regular working hours, the immediate supervisor must approve. 

Wellness Center: Employee, spouse and dependents (age 16 & over) will have free use of the Wellness Center. 

Flex Time:  Employees may be excused to exercise up to two (2) hours per week.  This time will include dressing/showering/cleaning up.  Unused time may not be carried from week to week.  Only on-campus facilities may be used.  Participants must log in and out of their exercise time.  For more information go to www.wosc.edu/flex

The fore-mentioned are brief descriptions of the staff benefits program available to employees of Western Oklahoma State College as they may apply to their individual employment agreement.  Master policies and contracts are on file in the College Business Office and additional information on any of the benefits will be furnished upon request of the Vice-President for Business Affairs or the President of the College. 

Effective Date:          July 1, 2022                        






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