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Health and Safety Policies

Maintaining a Drugfree Work Place

In compliance with  the  Drug­Free  Work Place  Act  of  1988  (Title  V­D of  Pub.L 100­690), all  Western  employees 
are   advised  that   "the  unlawful  manufacture,  distribution, dispensing,  possession, or use  of a controlled substance is prohibited" on campus. All employees are required to abide by this policy and any violation of this
policy will result in one of the two following actions:

  • Personnel action against such an employee, up to and including termination; or
  • Require the employee to participate satisfactorily in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program
    approved for such purposes by a Federal, State, or local health, law enforcement, or other appropriate  agency. Any decision made by the employer is subject to appeal.

It is understood that any employee under this agreement is to notify the College President of and criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the work place no later than five days after such conviction. The institution will notify the agency within ten days after receiving notice from an employee or otherwise receiving actual notice of such conviction.


Vaccination Policies

Certification of Meningococcal Compliance

Oklahoma Statutes, Title 70 §3243, requires that all students who are first-time enrollees in any public or  private  postsecondary  educational  institution  in  this  state  and who  reside  in  on-campus  student housing  shall  be  vaccinated  against meningococcal  disease.  Institutions of higher education must provide the student or the student’s parents and other legal representative detailed information on the risks associated with meningococcal disease and on the availability and effectiveness of any vaccine.

The  statute  permits  the  student  or,  if  the  student  is  a  minor,  the  student’s  parent  or  other  legal representative,  to  sign  a  written  waiver  stating  that  the  student  has  received  and  reviewed  the information provided on  the risks associated with meningococcal disease and on  the availability and effectiveness of any vaccine, and has chosen not to be or not to have the student vaccinated.

Menningococcal Information


Certification of Compliance – Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)

Oklahoma Statutes, Title 70 §3244,  requires  that all  students who  enroll  as a  full-time or part-time student  in  an  Oklahoma  public  or  private  postsecondary  institution  provide  documentation  of vaccinations against hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

The  statute  requires  that  institutions  notify  students  of  the  vaccination  requirements  and  provide students with educational  information concerning hepatitis B, measles, mumps, and  rubella  (MMR), including the risks and benefits of the vaccination.

The statute permits that when the vaccine is medically contraindicated and a licensed physician has signed a written statement to that effect, such student shall be exempt from the vaccination.  Further, the  statute  permits  a  student,  or  if  the  student  is  a  minor,  the  student’s  parent  or  other  legal representative, to sign a written waiver stating that the administration of the vaccine conflicts with the student’s moral or religious tenets.

The  statute  requires  the adoption  of  certain policies  for  implementation of  this  section of  the  law  – including  exceptions  within  the  framework  of  the  law  for  certain  categories  of  students  at  the institution’s discretion.

MMR Information
Hepatitis B Vaccine Information



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