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This Associate in Science degree program is designed to meet the needs of students to continue studies at a four-year university or professional college in the biological, physical, health related sciences and mathematics. Biological sciences fields include agriculture, botany, zoology, ecology, microbiology, forestry, physiology, and environmental science. Physical science fields include geology, astronomy, meteorology, physical, and occupational therapy. Mathematics fields include accountant, actuary, engineer, teacher, economist, financial auditor and consumer loan/credit officer.

Western Oklahoma State College offers high-quality courses designed to fulfill the lower-level requirements for science and mathematics majors at most senior colleges. Students completing the Associate in Science degree may transfer to any senior-level state institution and expect to find their lower division general education requirements satisfied. Because departmental requirements vary somewhat at different senior colleges, the student is strongly urged to consult the catalog of the transfer college or university and a faculty advisor.

 Each degree requires mathematics, see our MATH PATHWAYS information sheet!



Pia Bauer Photo of Pia Bauer
Division Director (Math, Business and Computers)
(580) 477-7942
Misty George Photo of Misty George
Mathematics Instructor
(580) 477-7858
Jimmy Childs Photo of Jimmy Childs
Mathematics Instructor
(580) 477-7904



Students wishing to study topics beyond College Algebra will find that WOSC offers a variety of college level mathematics courses including Trigonometry, Elementary Calculus, Elementary Statistics, Calculus I, and Survey of Mathematics.  As well, Calculus II and III are available "by arrangement". 

Mathematics courses are offered in a variety of formats such as the traditional 16 week format; a compressed 8 week format; and a blended format (partially online and partially face-to-face).

The WOSC mathematics faculty have also developled many of their courses for the online classroom.  Courses currently offered online in 16 week and 8 week formats include:

Pre-College Algebra 1 (developmental course taught with a free, open source textbook)

Pre-College Algebra 2 (developmental course)

College Algebra

Survey of Mathematics (taught with a free, open source textbook)


If you have questions, please feel free to contact any of the mathematics faculty!