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Upskill OK - Career-Focused Credentials

What are micro-credentials and digital badges?


Micro-credentials are short-term, postsecondary credentials comprised of a coherent set of measurable non-credit bearing activities or projects and/or up to 9 hours of credit bearing courses that provide specific career critical skills, competencies and knowledge that can be readily transferred to the workplace.

Digital badges

Digital badges are a web-based artifact that contains metadata that documents students' completion of a credential, such as a micro-credential, certificate or degree, and can be shared and verified electronically.


Career ReadinessCareer Readiness
Earners of the Career Readiness Certificate badge have participated in the Workforce Readiness Summit and Career Fair.  They have developed entry-level skills in resume writing, interviewing skills, and communication skills. Earners will also be familiar with stackable credentials associated with specific career paths.  Workforce Summit and Career Fair.


Career ReadinessStrategies & Effectiveness for Educators
Earners of the Strategies and Effectiveness Credential for Educators will develop skills to improve practices in the classroom, organization and community.  Earners will be exposed to experiences that will include professionalism, communication skills to enhance correspondence and cultivate relationships, and a Classroom Management Plan that incorporates conflict resolution and positive management strategies.


Career ReadinessBusiness Internship
Business Internship certification is awarded upon completion of BUSI 2313 Business Internship course.  Students will apply accounting, economics, and management theory to actual businesses.  A minimum of 96 hours at the internship site is required for the successful completion of the micro-credential program and reflects development of entry-level skills for a business industry workforce through hands-on experience.


Career ReadinessNCLEX-RN Prep
The NCLEX-RN Prep micro-credential is awarded to learners who complete the course, providing nursing students and graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to excel in the NCLEX-RN exam. This intensive program enhances understanding of nursing concepts, improves critical thinking, and develops test-taking skills tailored to the NCLEX-RN. Completing the course better prepares students for the NCLEX-RN exam.


Career Readiness
The Security Pro TestOut certification develops skills to perform tasks commonly performed by IT security professionals, such as network and systems administrators and security specialists. Learners will be exposed to experiences which will include: (1) layered security through group policy objects, (2) access control lists, (3) wireless and wired local area network security, and (4) workstation and mobile device security measures. Earners are eligible to take the CompTIA Security+ exam.


Career Readiness
Network Pro Prep
The Network Pro certification is awarded to learners upon completion of the TestOut Network Pro course. It equips earners with skills for professional device connectivity. The curriculum covers networking fundamentals, IP configuration, routing, switching, network management, security, policies, procedures, and wireless technologies. Completing the course demonstrates readiness for IT Network Administrator roles. Upon completion, students are eligible to take the CompTIA Network+ exam.