Classroom Facilities

Western Oklahoma State College offers classrooms equipped with technology all over campus. In addition to the standard chalk and/or dry erase board, the Smart Classroom has a consolidated technology solution including a SmartBoard, projecter, document camera, laptop connections, a Sympodium, and custom software designed to increase functionality and efficiency. Below is a list of Smart Classrooms on campus.

Classroom Capacities


Summarized Classroom List

Smart Classrooms
Typical Equipment - Projector & Screen, Touch/Pen Monitor, Computer, Speakers, Document Camera, VCR/DVD.
B-3 B-4 B-5 B-8
B-9 B-12 B-13 B-18
B-21 A-5 A-7 A-9
A-22 A-23 A-24 A25
A-27 H-8    

Interactive Televised Video (ITV uses Zoom)
Typical Equipment - Large Projector & Screen, Touch/Pen Monitor, Computer, Speakers, Document Camera, Instructor Camera, Student Camera, Microphone(s), Video Conferencing (Zoom).
HLC-127 (Training Room)
TE-14 Nurs Soph (Altus) Nurs Soph ElkCity Birch Hall 201 (Nurs Soph Lawton) AAFB (Educ. Wing)
TE-18 Nurs Fresh (Altus) Nurs Fresh ElkCity Birch Hall 204 (Nurs Fresh Lawton) A22

ITV Receive Only Rooms (smaller Zoom setup)

Typical Equipment - LED TV, Microphone, Student Camera, Laptop wall connections, Video Conferencing (Zoom).
HLC-102 HLC-131    

Computer Labs
Typical Equipment - Projector (HLC w/ Laser Projector), Touch/Pen Monitor, Computer, Speakers, Document Camera, Custom built desktops or NUC's (small powerful PC's) or Laptops.
 HLC-142 (32)  HLC-143 (32)  HLC-145 (30)  TE-23 (10)
 SSC-202 (WINDS) (16)  LRTC-100 (LRC Library Floor) (16)  LRTC-104 (LRC Library) (30)  A18 (30)
 SSC-203 (Testing Center) (18)  Elk City Nursing (12)  Mobile Laptop Lab in a Cart A (36)
  Mobile Laptop Lab in a Cart B (36)
 Mobile Laptop Lab in a Cart C (36)  Mobile Laptop Lab in a Cart D (36)    


What is Western Oklahoma State College?

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    Western Oklahoma State College, established as Altus Junior College in 1926, is the oldest original municipal two-year college still in existence in Oklahoma...
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    Western Oklahoma State College aspires to be the outstanding and innovative community college known for its focus on student success and its service to community and regional development.
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    The mission of Western Oklahoma State College is to provide high quality education while ensuring equity, supporting student success, and empowering individuals to become productive members of diverse local, regional, and global communities.