Business Affairs


Photo Last (Email) First (Website) Job Title Location Phone
Photo of Heather Hood Hood Heather Controller A3 (580) 477-7928
Photo of Kimberly Monrrigo Monrrigo Kimberly Purchasing/Accounts Payable Clerk A1 (580) 477-7728
Photo of Jennifer Sommers Sommers Jennifer Accounts Payable & Inventory Coordinator A1 (580) 477-7729
Photo of Alex White White Alex Accountant A3-B (580) 477-7765


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FY23 YTD Tuition & Fee Revenue and E & G Expenditures




What is Western Oklahoma State College?

  • About

    Western Oklahoma State College, established as Altus Junior College in 1926, is the oldest original municipal two-year college still in existence in Oklahoma...
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  • Vision

    Western Oklahoma State College aspires to be the outstanding and innovative community college known for its focus on student success and its service to community and regional development.
  • Mission

    The mission of Western Oklahoma State College is to provide high quality education while ensuring equity, supporting student success, and empowering individuals to become productive members of diverse local, regional, and global communities.