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Business Department Employees

Photo Last (Email) First (Website) Job Title Location Phone
Photo of Morgan Adams Adams Morgan HVAC / Maintenance Lead V-4 (580) 477-7859
Photo of Oscar Fernandez Fernandez Oscar (P/T) Surplus V-4 (580) 477-7816
Photo of Heather Hood Hood Heather Controller A3 (580) 477-7928
Photo of Doyle Jencks Jencks Doyle Director of Physical Plant LRTC-115 (580) 477-7736
Photo of Melissa McMahon McMahon Melissa Vice President for Business Affairs A3 (580) 477-7725
Photo of Randy Marceleno Marceleno Randy Lead Floor Tech LRTC 115 (580) 477-7727
Photo of Hunter Sawders Sawders Hunter Physical Plant Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator LRTC-115 (580) 477-7727
Photo of April Nelson Nelson April Director of Personnel A6 (580) 477-7896
Photo of Jennifer Sommers Sommers Jennifer Accounts Payable & Inventory Coordinator A1 (580) 477-7729
Photo of Mary-Ann Perez Perez Mary-Ann Lead Custodian LRTC 115 (580) 477-7727
Photo of Jimmy Poe Poe Jimmy Safety & Security Coordinator B-2 (580) 477-7945
Photo of Cullen Sanders Sanders Cullen Safety & Security B-2 (580) 477-7939
Photo of Alex White White Alex Accountant A3-B (580) 477-7765
Photo of Tonya Ware Ware Tonya Salary & Benefits Coordinator A6 (580) 477-7756
Photo of Meredy Thompson Thompson Meredy Director of Student Billing A3 (580) 477-7730
Photo of Kimberly Monrrigo Monrrigo Kimberly Purchasing/Accounts Payable Clerk A1 (580) 477-7728
Photo of Katelynn Thompson Thompson Katelynn High School and College Relations C4 (580) 477-7741
Photo of Ashley Thornbrough Thornbrough Ashley Student Store Manager C4 (580) 477-7769
Photo of Bethany Moore Moore Bethany (P/T) Bookstore Clerk C4 (580) 477-7744
Photo of Cynthia Kime Kime Cynthia Student Billing Specialist A3 (580) 477-7731